€50 for You & Your Friends

Rad riders are our biggest Radvocates. Through our "Refer a Friend" program, your friends and family can save €50 on a new ebike when they place their order using your unique referral link.

And if that's not Rad enough, you'll get a €50 Rad Power Bikes Gift Card for yourself!

Start Earning In Just Three Simple Steps

1. Buy an Electric Bike

After purchasing an ebike, create a customer account so you can access your referral dashboard.

2. Tell Your Friends

Share your referral link on social media or email/text with as many of your friends as you want. If your friends use your link to purchase an ebike, YOU GET PAID!

3. Get Your Reward!

Gift cards will be emailed to you automatically after your friend's order has been fulfilled, so now all you need to do is think about all the cool stuff you're going to buy!


Advocate: an existing ebike owner who shares their referral link encouraging people to purchase an ebike from Rad.

Friend: an individual who receives a referral link from an Advocate.

Fulfilled: the status of an order after the items have been packaged and dispatched from our warehouse.


All referrals must be given at time of purchase. Referrals cannot be applied retroactively.



For an Advocate to qualify, they must:

            1. Be an original Rad Power Bikes (“Rad”) ebike owner. Second-hand Rad ebike owners do not qualify.
  1. Have physical ownership of a Rad ebike at the time of referral. Selling your Rad ebike will disqualify you.
  2. Be in good standing with Rad Power Bikes. This means that acts such as issuing a chargeback, being disrespectful, or any other behavior that would go against our Terms of Purchase will disqualify you.


      • Referral reward is emailed to the qualifying Advocates after the Friend's order has been fulfilled and the referral is verified as legitimate. Please note that there will be a period of waiting time between the time a Friend’s order was placed and the time Advocate received the referral reward. The length of this waiting time would be determined by various factors such as fulfillment time, backorder time, and other case by case situations.
  • Advocates will receive one referral reward per qualifying order. Referral rewards are not awarded based on the total number of electric bikes in a single order. (Ex. if a Friend places one order containing two electric bikes, the Advocate will receive one referral reward).



For a Friend to qualify for a referral discount on their order, they must:

  1. Be a new customer, existing ebike owners do not qualify.
  2. Purchase an electric bike either i) online at radpowerbikes.eu using the Advocate's referral link, or ii) in-store at the Rad Power Bikes Utrecht showroom.
  3. Not use any other active promotion, coupon code, or discount.



Rad Power Bikes encourages all of our ebike owners to share their experience with their friends, but in order to promote a healthy and positive community experience for all of our customers, we reserve the right to revoke the ability to participate in our Refer a Friend program at any time. Abuse, misuse, or any other negative behavior we see will result in disqualification.