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Step-Over Electric Bikes

Ebikes with a high bar in the frame are referred to as step-over, high-step or diamond-frame bikes. Based on older, now outdated notions, it is also often called a men’s bike. At Rad Power Bikes, we refer to this frame design as a Step-Over frame. This design offers a slightly higher center of gravity, but by no means does it make the bike stronger, more durable or balanced than a Step-Through ebike. In fact, for Rad Power Bikes users it is purely an esthetics choice, as both frame types offer the same quality and robustness.

By design, all our step-over electric bikes come with removable batteries, an electric motor, and controllers, providing support up to 250 Watt of power through pedal assist. Our step-overs models are engineered with gears allowing you to shift your pedaling cadence across different terrains or elevations.

Step-Over Frame Misperceptions

The term “step-over” seems obvious, but it is a newer label in the biking world. Bikes were traditionally defined as “men” and “women” bikes; a step-over frame design was a men’s bike, and often referred to as a diamond frame. This is due to the geometric shape the bike frame creates with the upper (top) tube. Lower frames, also known as step-through frames, were called lady’s bikes to accommodate their heavy skirts in the 1900s. 

This no longer holds true, as step-over and step-through frames are truly gender neutral and are more or less a design preference on ebikes. 

While on a racing bike or downhill bike, a top tube can provide more stability and rigidity and is therefore more desirable for safety purposes. On an electric bike, and especially on a Rad Power Bikes ebike, (that are not meant for extreme sports) the top tube does not provide any additional rigidity and is therefore simply a personal preference of design.

Frame Sizes

When it comes to bike frames, the single most important factor you need to pay attention to is the actual size of the frame. Finding a frame that fits you is the key to riding comfortably and securely. It is much more important than to choose a step-over or step-through frame. Although as you already know, the design of the frame does impact the sizing of the frame too. 

Ultimately there are three key components to the size of a frame:

  1. The rider’s height
  2. The rider’s inseam (also known as standover height)
  3. The rider’s preferred riding position (leaning forward, sitting upright etc)

At Rad Power Bikes we do not create bikes with different frame sizes like many traditional bike companies do. Our bikes are standardized based on a range of rider height and inseam height, and are equipped with a multi-point adjustable handlebar to create your perfect riding position on the bike. 

Naturally, step-through bike frames offer a much lower standover height and thus fits a wider range of rider heights and inseam sizes than a step-over ebike. If you are unsure which bike would fit your height or standover needs, make sure to check out our ebike comparison chart

Ride Styles

Our step-through ebikes have the same power and terrain-tackling features as their high-step counterparts and are good for any ride type. Our models offer 125 - 158 kg (275 - 350 lbs) of cargo-carrying payload capacities. Rad Power Bikes’ customers often prefer a step-through frame to more easily put a foot down when stopping and starting with heavy loads. It’s also easier to mount a heavily-loaded ebike and keep control of the weight. 

Transporting Step-Over Ebikes

Taking your step-over ebike on the road? All Rad Power Bikes’ ebike with a step-over frame can be transported with a vehicle rack, and you won’t even need a bike adapter bar, which is required with step-through frames. For fat tire bikes, make sure to order a rear rack that can hold the weight of the bike and has trays wide enough to fit the tires. You may need tire strap extenders depending on your wheel size.