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The Rad Story
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Rad Power Bikes Standard Logo
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Rad Power Bikes Long Logo
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Brand colors

Rad Navy
RGB 25, 44, 61
CMYK 59, 28, 0, 76
HEX #192C3D
PMS 533 C
Rad Orange
RGB 242, 99, 38
CMYK 0, 59, 84, 5
HEX #F26326
PMS 165 C
Rad Grey
RGB 207, 210, 211
CMYK 2, 0, 0, 17
PMS 427 C

Logo Misuse

Do not distort the logo.
Do not use alternate fonts.
Do not reverse the colors.
Do not apply a drop shadow or any other effects.
Do not outline the logo.
Do not use alternative colors.
Do not realign the logo.
Do not change the order of the elements.
Do not resize any element of the logo.
Do not change the transparency of the logo.

Brand Misuse

Do not abbreviate or use any alternative forms of our company name.
  • Correct: Rad Power Bikes
  • Incorrect: Rad Power, Rad Bikes, Radpower, Rad Power Electric Bikes, RAD Power Bikes, Rad Electric Bikes, Rad powerbikes, etc.
Do not abbreviate or use any alternative forms of our product names.
  • Correct: RadRover Electric Fat Bike (refer to the Product Assets page for all correct product titles and descriptions).
  • Incorrect: Rad Rover, RadPower Rover, RadRover power bike, Rover electric fat bike, RadRover electric bicycle, RadRover ebike, RadRover e-bike, etc.