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What is an Off Road Electric Bike?

Our electric fat tire bikes are custom-designed for people of all sizes and ages to find fun wherever they ride! These affordable ebikes are built to easily ride over all terrains providing a sturdy, smooth ride with plenty of adjustability for rider comfort on longer trips.

Benefits of a fat tire bike

Rad’s fat tires come in 3- or 4-inch widths with a puncture resistant tire profile for different terrains and ride feel. These wider tires offer more stability for riders over gravel, forest floors, sand and even mud or snow. See our fat tire ebikes in action on snowy conditions in a blog and video featuring a Rad customer who designs video camera mounts for outdoor action.

The key to a smooth ride on fat tires is to find the appropriate air pressure. Lower pressures are better for bumpier conditions, snow or mud. A higher pressure works better with paved or smooth surfaces.

Design & Use

Our all terrain electric bike models come with 250W geared hub motors, up to 75+ km per charge, and a 125kg (275 lbs) payload capacity. We offer these electric trail bikes with step-through frame options to provide easy access for mounting, riding and stopping. Our models also feature front-suspension forks for a more comfortable ride on trails.

Ebike Safety

All of our frames provide a solid, sturdy ride feel, and our off road ebikes are no exception. Aluminum frames, strong brakes and fat tires all add up to safer ebike adventures.We encourage customers to review our Riding Within Your Ability: Off-Road, in Wet Weather, and on Hilly Terrain Help article.

Choosing tires for your terrain

All of our off road ebike models feature either a 3” wide smoother tire or 4” wide tire with a more rugged tread. 

The three-inch wide fat tire provides an efficient and slightly zippier ride. The smaller diameter helps the bike get up to top speed a bit quicker than larger tires. The slightly thinner tire has less rolling resistance and is quieter than a wider tire, while still offering great stability on pavement and paths.

The four-inch wide, more rugged tread provides additional stability for off-road riding while offering more of an all-terrain ride feel. The 4" width allows for customers to adjust tire pressure to ride different terrain and provides more cushion than a rigid fork ebike setup. Overall, these tires provide a stable and safe ride for first-time riders even when rolling over smaller obstacles.

For heavier off-road and outdoor use, we sometimes see our ebike customers upgrade with a Tanus Armour tire protection to avoid flat tires during any trail riding.

Transporting off road bikes

Rad bikes can be transported like regular ebikes on a vehicle with an appropriate fat tire bike rack and necessary accessories. While we don’t endorse any specific product or brand here are some points to help you choose the right bike carrier:

  • The maximum weight (of the bicycles + the carrier) that the tow-bar of your car can carry.
  • The maximum weight limit of the bike carrier itself.
  • Due to the wider tire width of our bikes you will require a wider wheel tray, an extra adapter and / or longer straps for this "fat-tire" size.
  • Do not forget to remove the battery from the bicycle and store the battery under the right (climate) conditions when transporting the bike by car/ van.

Protect the bikes from rain. Highway rain can act like a high pressure jet. It is wise to use a rain cover to prevent pressurized water from entering/squeezing into small openings.

Depending on the frame design of your bike (specifically for low-step and step-thru frames), and how the bike carrier clamps the bike onto the carrier an additional frame adapter might be needed.

We advise you to use of a drive up ramp to ease up loading your bike onto the carrier.

Trekking and touring with off-road ebikes

Our all-terrain ebikes are good for longer trips and tours from city roads and paved bike paths to wide open fields or dense forest and rugged trails. Read about a photographer who rode her RadRhino on Europe’s mountain trails or our video mount customer’s ride through the Ardennes

Off-road ebikes in the city

Our all terrain bikes are exactly that, meant for riding on most surfaces. Customers choose fat tire ebikes to cruise modern city streets, historic cobble stones or riding on a trail or paved path in your local park. Outfitted with racks, baskets, bags, and other accessories, these models are optimal for stable city riding.

Women vs Men’s trekking 

We get asked if women and men need different trekking ebikes and we can safely say all anyone needs is a bike that is the right height for them and they can easily hop on and hop off it to provide you with a safe riding experience. (Find the right Rad ebike for you with our quiz

An outdated view on bike frames,especially for trekking bikes and mountain bikes, is men need to ride a high-step frame and women should opt for a step-thru orlow- step frame. We at Rad Power Bikes believe the height or the step of your frame has nothing to do with your sex. It has everything to do with your ease of entering and exiting your ride

A high-step top tube adds rigidity to the frame of any bike, and this is particularly important for downhill bikes (where crashes happen at higher speeds). Our ebikes are not meant for downhill biking. We recommend picking the ebike that fits your riding style and frame-style.

250 W motor for hills and mountains

The European Union and UK government require that all electric bikes be limited to a 25km/hr speed and 250 Watt motor, so you can ride anywhere without a license or special permit.  The motor is there to support you, not do all the work for you. You still need to pedal up those hills and mountains, but you will likely arrive at the top with more energy left, than with a traditional bike. 

The geared hub motor offers multiple levels of pedal assists to choose from to conquer the steepness of the terrain you are riding. The power of the motor plus the gears of the bike, give you options to ride longer and farther on more challenging routes.

Off road electric bikes with rear motor

Electric bikes most commonly come with mid- or rear- motors, and the position doesn’t matter to power output. All Rad Power Bikes come with a rear-hub motor, which we find provides the best riding experience for our customers through better traction and stronger mounting on the frame. It simulates the feeling a motorbike provides, where the motor propels you forward.  

Folding ebikes

Even our folding electric bike models come with fat tires for off-road riding while folding away for easy storage and transport for your holiday or local all-terrain ride

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