One Less Worry: Get Your Bike Qovered Electric Bike Insurance

Rad Power Bikes is teaming up with Qover, one of Europe’s biggest ebike insurance partners to give you even more ways to ride Rad. Now you can choose insurance for your bike during the check-out process. You can choose between a Standard Plan to protect your bike against theft, or the Premium plan for an all-around protection level including material damage and theft.  Check out all the services and costs based on your location.

Choose your coverage
Theft insurance
Material damage insurance
24/7 assistance
Premium Plan
Theft insurance
Material damage insurance
24/7 assistance

The confidence to explore even more

Of all the things you worry about every day, your ebike getting stolen or damaged doesn’t have to be one. From commuting to getting groceries to picking up the kids and more, there are a lot of places you have to leave your ride unattended. Even though you secure it with a high-quality lock or chain, bike thieves these days are bold and adept. 


With Qover, you get comprehensive ebike insurance so you can lock and leave your bike worry free.

Your safeguard in every situation

In the worst case scenario of finding a broken lock and your bike missing, you’re covered*. Maybe a thief damages your bike in the attempt to steal it. Guess what? That’s covered too (with a Premium Plan). In fact, in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany,  you can call Qover 24/7 for assistance in any scenario. 

*Make sure you always check the applicable terms & conditions - exclusions and limitations apply!

Qover will get you back in the saddle

Your ebike is an important part of your life. We understand the importance of an insurance partner helping you out when times are rough.  Qover is there to ease the pain with coverages tailored to your biking needs so you can get back to pedaling for your commute or your next adventure as soon as possible.

*If you have already purchased a Rad Power Bikes ebike in the last 12 months, you can reach out to Qover directly to discuss ebike insurance options.