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Owner Tools

Welcome to the Rad Community

Below, find tools that will help you along your journey of new ebike ownership.

Being a consumer direct business, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for our customers to get their hands on a brand new ebike. This is why we offer free shipping for selected countries in the EU!


Available Shipping Countries





Czech Republic

























United Kingdom


*Should you be residing in a remote area or a country that is not listed,please confirm the possible delivery options with our customer service team via eu-info@radpowerbikes.com.


*Shipping to France and Ireland may require you to pick up your package at a local pickup point as delivery to your residence may not be possible. Contact us directly at eu-info@radpowerbikes.com for more info.


*Rad Power Bikes can ship to 30 European countries, but there are a few countries within Europe where we unfortunately cannot ship. These include Albania, Azores, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Kosovo, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Turkey and Ukraine.


**If you would like to have a bike shipped to Norway, or Switzerland, please contact our Customer Experience team directly at eu-info@radpowerbikes.com. Since they are outside of the EU, we will need to do a custom order for these countries.


***Please inquire about shipping costs for The Balearic Islands, Monaco, and Serbia.


****Currently we can not ship to Iceland due to battery issues.


*As laws and regulations differ greatly between countries, we ask that you check your local laws to make sure you are riding legally and safely. We are happy to provide assistance with registering your ebike when required. Please visit our registration page for information about registering your bike.

Estimated Shipping Days

In-stock items typically ship from our warehouse in the Netherlands within 1-2 business days once the order is placed and payment has reflected.

Delivery times will vary depending on where you live. Once shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation that includes your tracking number so you can follow along with your order's journey to its new home!

Customer Experience


Our Customer Experience team, also know as pre-sale, is here to educate you about our products, help you find out which bike is right for you, place orders for your 1st, 2nd, 3rd (and beyond!) ebikes, and so much more.


They will be the ones to answer all your questions before your bike arrives and to take orders for accessories/additional ebikes if (when) that day comes.



+31-85 7470430

Product Support


Our Product Support team, also know as post-sale, is here to help you with everything under the sun regarding your bike such as warranty claims, buying replacement parts, troubleshooting issues, and so much more.


They will be the ones to answer all your questions after your bike arrives and with any of the highly technical questions you may have before you decide to buy.



+31-85 7470430

Like with any bike (electric or not), you will be required to do some routine maintenance to your new ebike to ensure it runs well for years to come. This means periodic adjustments, replacement worn components, and keeping the bike clean. Below, we have outlined the recommended steps you should take to maintain your ebike to keep you riding rad!


Before Your First Ride
  • Brakes can rub right out of the box. This is both ok and completely normal and will go away with use.
  • Make sure handlebar cables are routed correctly after bars were installed. Turning the bars to the left and right should not pull too hard on any of the cables or wires.
  • Make sure your pedals are tight using a pedal wrench or longer 15mm box wrench if possible.
  • They should be torqued to 35 Nm or 25 ft-lbs.
  • Check that the connectors on the bike are all plugged in securely and that nothing loosened up in shipping.
Before Every Ride
  • Battery is properly locked onto the bike
  • Front wheel quick release is centered in drop outs and lever is in the fully closed position, not touching the fork
  • Axle nuts are tightened to 45 Nm
  • Handlebars and stem bolts are tight
  • Brake bolts are tight and brakes are functioning properly
  • Wheels are free from debris and nothing is stuck in the spokes
  • Tires are properly inflated as recommended in the Owner's Manual.