Celebrating Rad Women

Building ebikes designed for anything and everything, it's no wonder more women are Riding Rad than ever before. But that’s not all; Rad is committed to providing tools and training for new and experienced female cyclists through our RadWomen Program. Are you ready to join us?

The RadWomen Program

Designed by women, for women, the RadWomen Program aims to help ladies learn more about bikes and ebikes, how to choose them, how to maintain them and – most importantly – we want to arm you with the confidence to ride them.
Our research shows that one or more of the following reasons prevent people from choosing an electric bike:

"I have too many things to get done to do it by bike."

"I have a long commute. I don’t want to arrive at work tired or disheveled."

"I don’t feel safe riding a bike in my town as there are very few dedicated bike lanes."

If these statements resonate with you, we are so excited you found us! While we cannot build more bike lanes for you, we can help on many other fronts. And, with more bike riders, cities are dedicating more funds to safer streets.

Rad ebikes are amazingly powerful yet nimble and can get you to your destination (even in a hilly area) without breaking a sweat. What’s more, you will always find parking, and, with huge passenger (or cargo) areas, each of our bikes can help you on errands small and large.

Upcoming Events

Watch this space! Our RadWomen’s Program will present a series of events, blogs, videos and cheat sheets to address any misconceptions and provide learning opportunities. Stay tuned with our blog, keep an eye on this page, or sign up for our newsletter to stay connected with us. If you have topic suggestions, you can always submit them here.

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We Make Electric Bikes for You

Rad’s mission is to make ebikes accessible to more people, so we design our bikes to fit not just your lifestyle but also You. Our lineup is unique because you are unique. Our bikes are designed to fit a variety of heights, weights, and body types.

Whether you’re 150cm (4’9”) or 188cm (6’2”), looking for a bike to ride to the store or to the woods, or to carry passengers or cargo, we have a bike for you. Take our quiz to find the best ebike for you.

Haven't been on a bike for 25 years but decided to get my RadRunner and have not looked back since. It's fabulous.

Edith G.

Review by Helen M. on 3 Jun 2021review stating Radrunner
I think the RadRunner is a great bike, lots of people have been looking at it. I got it for my 76 birthday as an early present for myself.
Helen M.

Learn how to get on the move with your new E-bike quickly with our Bike School Video.

Hunk of an e-bike that feels safe to ride! Solid build, funky design, built to last a lifetime!
Review by Sarah W. on 3 Nov 2021review stating Hunk of an e-bike that feels safe to ridsolid build, funky design, built to last a lifetime!

Sarah W.

Great fun! Easy to finish assembly on delivery. Easy to ride on different surfaces. Friends have tried it and enjoyed riding it too!

Fiona N.

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