Corporate Fleet

Add ebikes to your company's transportation options to increase staff mobility, boost employee energy levels and morale, and lower your organization’s carbon footprint.

E-bike Corporate Fleet

The interest for electric bikes has accelerated thanks to a global drive for sustainable transportation, mental and physical well-being, and government financial incentives.
Rad Power Bikes Corporate Fleet Solution offers a dynamic addition to brands looking to help their employees avoid traffic congestion, reduce their carbon footprint, and freedom to commute while social distancing.


The Value Proposition

Built for commuting

Optimized for urban riding. The RadMission permits the rider to cut down on traffic, travel up to 80+ kilometers on a fully charged battery, and carry a payload of 125kg. Equipped to handle any mission!

Dedicated support

Our dedicated team of B2B specialists is here to support you. Available to answer any questions you may have about new orders, service requirements, billing, etc.


Ride up to 25km/h on the RadMission Electric Metro Bike. Ride to the office, meet clients on the other side of town, run errands and have the Raddest time on this urban ebike.

Exclusive discounts

Tailored to suit your business needs. Contact our team to receive a quote on your RadMission Corporate Fleet order.

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