Urban Delivery

Deliver more, sweat less. Earn more, spend less. Ebikes are eco-friendly with zero carbon footprint and the capacity to haul whatever you’re in the business of delivering - papers, pizza, people, you name it!

Ebike Deliveries

Electric bike deliveries are quick, easy, sustainable, and let’s not forget, fun! With the RadRunner Electric Utility Bike, Jasmine Palace’s delivery team can ride around town and deliver hot meals to residents in De Meern, Utrecht.

Ebike Deliveries

Looking for a sustainable, convenient and fast way to deliver goods? Rad Power Bikes’ RadMission and RadRunner have the capacity to haul whatever you’re in the business of delivering -- pizzas, papers, people, you name it! Capable of riding up to 72 km+ on a fully charged battery. Get to where you need to be without the hassle of traffic or finding parking. Reduce your carbon footprint with our Ebike Deliveries.

The Value Proposition

Built for utility

Built for utility and optimized for urban riding, the RadRunner and RadMission permit the rider to cut down on traffic, travel up to 80+ kilometers on a fully charged battery, and carry a payload of 125kg.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated team of B2B specialists is here to support you. Available to answer any questions you may have about new orders, service requirements, billing, etc.


Watch as your company's delivery-service improves by frequency and efficiency. With ebikes that ride up to 25 km/h, you couriers will ride farther than ever before.

Equipped for the job

With hundreds of possible accessory combinations, you can equip your bikes to suit your specific needs. Get in touch with our team to determine what the best combo is for your business!

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