7 Ways an Ebike Will Change Your Life

RadRover and RadRover Step-Thru electric fat bike

1. You Can Explore Where You've Never Gone Before...

Rediscover your surroundings while hitting speeds up to 25 km/h. Whether you’re cruising around your hometown or venturing off into nature, our detachable battery gives you a chance to travel up to 80+ kilometers off a single charge.

RadMission electric metro bike

2. ...Without Breaking a Sweat

Imagine being able to ride your bike uphill to work without the struggle. Or being able to keep up with your partner on a sunset cruise along the beach. No matter what you choose to do, the powerful motors on our ebikes make it easier to live your life on your own terms.

RadRover electric fat bike

3. But Still Get A Workout When You Want To

One of the best things about ebikes is that you can get as much or as little exercise as you’d like. Ebikes give you the confidence to go on longer excursions knowing that you can rely on varying degrees of pedal-assist to go further than you ever thought possible. They’re a fun, versatile way to commit to your healthy goals.

4. Enjoy the Money you Save

Getting from Point A to Point B has never been more affordable. Save on gas, insurance, and costly parking fees each year by going electric. No more rideshare surge pricing, no more public transportation fares, and if you need financing, we’ve got you covered at less than €100/month with 0% interest.

Pet accessories

5. And Bring your Friends Along for the Ride

Our accessories help you spend more time with your loved ones -- including your furry, four-legged friends thanks to our new pet collection. There are hundreds of accessory combinations that can help you customise your bike for whatever you may need.

6. Help Support The Future Of Transportation

Less time in a car means less time looking for a parking spot or sitting in traffic. As a zero-emission alternative to traditional vehicles, you’ll be cutting down on your carbon footprint every time you hop on.

7. Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Stressful times call for extra fun. With a Twist Power Assist that gives you a boost with the flick of a wrist, it’s no wonder so many of our riders say ebikes make them feel like they’re a kid again. Turn every ride into an adventure.

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