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Business needed it. Rad built it.

Moving freight isn't easy, especially in urban and high-traffic environments. Urban gridlock, pollution concerns, and parking availability all conspire to make last mile logistics the greatest hurdle in many businesses' supply chains. We've done our homework, and after years of market research and development, the RadBurro electric cargo trike is our solution to these challenges.

The value proposition

Person loading boxes on a RadBurro
Built for business
The RadBurro is purpose built to meet the demands of business, addressing many of the logistics industry’s most pressing issues by enhancing operational efficiency, improving fulfillment and delivery timelines, and reducing the cost and waste associated with traditional fulfillment methods.
RadBurrro filled with boxes
Ease of use
In urban environments, the RadBurro is more nimble than box vans, easier to park, eliminates fuel costs and parking tickets, and helps keep pace in the arms race that speed-to-market has become.
RadBurro carrying boxes in a warehouse
At a fraction of the cost of cargo vehicles currently on the market, the RadBurro is aggressively priced for absolute market dominance
RadBurro carrying a large pieced of machinery
Best in class
Featuring an estimated 65-130+ kilometers range per charge, the RadBurro offers best-in-class capacity, durability, and battery life.

RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike

RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike flat bed

Flat Bed


Easy to load and versatile, the Flat Bed attachment is great for Euro-sized pallets and includes hooks for securing loads with straps.

84 cm x 124 cm
Euro-pallet compatible

Built For
- Oversized or oddly-shaped loads
- Forklift and pallet loading

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RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike truck bed

Truck Bed


Ideal for loose items like gravel, the truck bed has an included tailgate to make loading and unloading easy.

84 cm x 124 cm x 30 cm
Euro-pallet compatible

Built For
- Transporting boxed goods
- Hauling dirt, rocks, soil, or sod
- Forklift/pallet loading

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RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike cargo box

Cargo Box


Great for keeping items dry and secure, the locking cargo box is available in 2 sizes (Standard & XL), with or without side roll up doors.

Standard: 84 cm x 134 cm x 119 cm
XL: 84 cm x 142 cm x 138 cm

Built For
Transporting anything you need to keep dry and secure

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