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If you have an aging baby boomer market, perhaps new to cycling, a bike like the RadRover Step-Thru that can handle streetcar tracks, potholes and sewer grates, as well as recreational dirt trails, is an attractive proposition.
Overall, the RadBurro is an interesting entrant to the world of e-bikes that brings a tremendous amount of capability and durability to the table
Rad Power Bikes is bringing the all-new RadRhino Step-Thru electric fat bike and the RadMini electric folding fat bike to its European line-up.
‘Get out, go further, ride Rad’ says the motto on the RadRhino manual and, boy, we did.
Bicycling Magazine
Most Versatile Folding Bike - Rad Power Bikes RadMini
Digital Trends
Rad Power Bikes‘ newly announced lineup is poised to ride the rising e-bike wave with improved rider accessibility and greater visibility.
Bicycling Magazine
Best Value E-Cargo Bike - Rad Power Bikes RadWagon
The Seattle Times
Mike Radenbaugh, the founder and CEO of Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes, said most of his customers rented an electric bike before buying one. “We’ve found once someone tries an electric bike, they want to integrate it in their daily life,” Radenbaugh said.
The Verge
Now, the company is releasing a step-through version of the [RadRover], making it more approachable and accessible to a broader range of cyclists.
Tom’s Guide
RadRunner, the sleek electric bike from Rad Power Bikes
The Verge
This is a review of an electric bike that I couldn’t stop riding long enough to actually write. The RadRunner has transformed the way I get around on a daily basis.
Rad Power Bikes is one of the biggest names in electric bicycles. And with a pile of new announcements including a brand new model, it looks like Rad is set on maintaining its lead in 2020 and beyond.
Ebikes, such as one from Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes, are an environmentally-conscious way to get around. It's perfect for that friend or family member who complains about not finding parking at the train station during rush hour.
Outside Magazine
I got the RadWagon in June and it played a large role in making this the best summer I’ve ever had.
The RadRhino Electric Fat Bike Is the Versatile e-Bike You’ve Always Wanted
Inc. Magazine
The 21 Coolest Products of 2019 - Electric Bicycles by Rad Power Bikes
Digital Trends
This unique combination of customization and affordable pricing is what puts the RadRunner into the upper echelon of electric bikes.
RadRunner - practical cargo bike at an entry-level price
One of the latest [ebikes] to catch my attention is the RadRunner, conceived to be functional and fun at a reasonable price designed to introduce new riders to ebikes.
The Verge
How to Buy an Electric Bike
Cycle Volta
Overall, the RadRunner is a capable and affordable utility ebike with an impressive range.
Popular Mechanics
[The RadRunner is] a bicycle, but it's a bicycle that fully embraces the minibike aesthetic, with fat tires, a low-slung frame and a passenger seat with foot pegs.
Men’s Journal
After several days of riding, I was really impressed with the RadRunner’s design and performance.
Best Overall Electric Bike - Rad Power Bikes RadRunner.
The Seattle Times
Now you can get in on the fun of a scooter — with the sweet silence of an electric motor — with Rad Power Bikes’ RadRunner.
Starting at $1,299, the rugged little e-bike has a lot of charm and a lot of accessories.
The Next Web
Now that I’ve spent several weeks and dozens of miles riding it, I think the RadRunner might be the solution a lot of city-dwellers are looking for.
Bicycling Magazine
The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon is a remarkable value proposition: It sports a powerful 750-watt direct-drive hub motor, a 7-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain, a throttle, fenders, and integrated lights.
The Seattle startup made headlines earlier in August for its exclusive partnership with Domino’s. A few weeks later Rad rolled out its newest — and cheapest — product, the $1,299 RadRunner.
Gear Patrol
The RadRunner has two significant points of appeal: it’s affordable, and it’s practical.
Overall, the RadRunner is a comfortable, easygoing ebike for people who might not otherwise get on a bike at all.
New Atlas
[Rad Power Bikes] has introduced its most affordable bike yet – the stripped-back, simple RadRunner urban getabout, and it's upgradeable to carry passengers or a heap of cargo.
The new RadRunner does all this while shirking the high prices of ebikes, offering an affordable, quality ebike for just $1,299.
The RadRunner is a new e-bike that was announced Thursday and is expected in September from Rad Power Bikes, the bicycle company supplying Domino's pizza delivery workers with courier bikes.
Rad Power Bikes has just released its newest electric bicycle, the RadRunner. And of course Electrek made sure to get one early so we could already have a review for you with all of the details.
Bicycling Magazine
The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon is a reliable e-cargo steed for thousands less than competitors.
Electric-bike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes is ranked No. 63 on the [2019 Inc. 5000] list, No. 3 among top Seattle companies and No. 3 in the state.
In the wake of successful tests, [Domino’s] is launching a US-wide e-bike delivery program that will give stores the choice of using custom Rad Power e-bikes to carry pizza.
[Domino’s] is teaming up with Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes for the [delivery] program.
Domino’s will start using custom electric bikes for pizza delivery through a partnership with Rad Power Bikes, as it aims to become more competitive with on-demand apps like DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats.
Domino's pizza plans to roll out hundreds of ebikes in partnership with Rad Power Bikes after tests earlier this year showed that ebikes improved overall delivery and service.
Time Magazine
Commuters are giving up on-demand transportation for ownership. "CEO Mike Radenbaugh says revenues more than doubled in 2018 and that many of his customers were introduced to ebikes through sharing programs."
The Verge
"The RadWagon is the first legitimate car replacement that I've encountered. It's the SUV of ebikes.. Seriously, Rad Power Bikes, $1,499 for a cargo bike? How are you making money?"
USA Today
The Best Father's Day Gifts! "The RadRover is a gift that Dad will cherish forever - especially if he's getting a little older, but still wants to get outside with the grandkids, enjoy riding, and feel young again!"
The Washington Post
"Mike Radenbaugh, an evangelist for e-bikes as an alternative mode of transport, is pouring his profits into new investments to feed the fast-growing business."
Tech Radar
"The RadWagon makes it easy to nip to the store, buy a bunch of groceries and load them onto the back of the two-wheeler without breaking into a sweat. And you’ll have done it all in the time that you’d still be looking for a parking space in the car."
Rad Power Bikes co-founders Mike Radenbaugh and Ty Collins named "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" in the annual GeekWire Awards, "the Oscars of the Pacific Northwest tech scene."
"RadMini Step-Thru is the biggest little e-bike I've ever ridden. It packs in the performance of a larger fat tire bike but in a smaller, folding package."
"RadRover fat tire electric bicycle is the affordable fat ebike I've been waiting for."
How to choose your first electric bicycle: an ebike buying guide.
Clean Technica
"Taking a look at the company’s lineup of ebikes, you will quickly notice they do not look like traditional bicycles. From the start, Rad Power Bikes had it sights set on being an ebike company and came to grips very early on with the realization that ebikes should be their own creation..."
Clean Technica
"The RadMini Step-Thru is an impressive e-bike...The riding experience is addictive!"
Cycling Industry News
"Rad Power Bikes puts customers first."
Rad Power Bikes makes Esquire's list of Best Cyber Monday Deals.
Finally, an affordable e-bike that can do it all
The Seattle Times
The RadCity Step-Thru is a top gift pick for sports & outdoors fans.
Clean Technica
Rad Power Bikes Rolls Out New eBike Lineup For 2019
Internet Retailer
Rad Power Bikes tops "The Hot 100 List" of most innovative e-retail companies from around the globe selected by Internet Retailer's editors and researchers.
Bicycling Magazine
Best Cargo Bikes for Ditching Your Minivan. "The RadWagon is one of the best e-cargo values on the market."
Bicycling Magazine
The Best Folding Ebikes for Every Ride. "The RadMini hits the triefecta."
Bothell-Kenmore Reporter
Bothell police blazes the e-trail
Review: Rad Power Bikes RadWagon. "For tooling around town, running errands, and hauling kids to and fro, the RadWagon works perfectly well."
The Best Electric Cargo Bikes for a Family
“All Things Considered” interviews Co-Founder Ty Collins to discuss the benefits of electric bikes and how tariffs “represent a headwind for an industry that is taking off.”
The Seattle Times
"Rad Power Bikes has gone from a handful of employees to 75 as swiftly and smoothly as an electric bicycle climbing Capitol Hill...”
"Founders of Rad Power Bikes let their customers know what was happening because of the tariffs… ‘We believe that having full transparency is really really important.’”
"I found my riding experience on the RadCity to be nothing short of thrilling... It's been a long time since a new product has had such a profound and personal impact on me."
Bicycling Magazine
Do More Things in More Places More Easily on the RadMini Electric Folding Cargo Fat Bike
Cycling Weekly
New EU rules let e-bike makers add more powerful motors to their machines
Rad Power Bikes to Release RadBurro in Europe
Rad Power Bikes Launches New European Ebike Models
Inbound Logistics
Test Riding to Reduce Carbon Emissions Along the Supply Chain
Travel Channel
Top 10 E-Bike Rides Around the World
America Outdoors Radio
Interview with Co-Founder & CMO Ty Collins
Inspired Senior Living Magazine
Never Too Late To Be An Early Adopter
Inc Magazine
"These road warriors rule Seattle's streets on the electric bikes they build."
The Seattle Times
E-bikes make commuting a breeze — as long as you keep the battery charged
KOMO News 97.7 FM
"What can carry 700 lbs., go up to 80 miles on a single charge, and travel as fast as 20 mph? Meet the RadBurro. A cargo trike created by Rad Power Bikes."
Rad Power Bikes Puts A Charge Into Cycling And Looks To Upend Urban Delivery With New Cargo Trike
Puget Sound Business Journal
Rad Power Bikes Breaks Ground on Vancouver, B.C. Office
The e-bike craze has officially hit Seattle
Review: RadCity is a great value eBike for commuters w/ 20+ mph speeds & 45+ mile range
The Week
The Bright Future of Electric Cargo Bikes
NYC lifts ban on electric bikes, but hoverboards still illegal
Digital Trends
Rad Power Bikes Proves Quality Ebikes Don't Have To Be Pricey
Samantha Brown's Places to Love on PBS featuring ebikes from Rad Power Bikes
Clean Technica
How Does It Feel Casually Putting 140 Miles In Two Weeks On An Electric Bicycle?
King 5 News
Electric bikes have been a burgeoning form of alternative transportation in Seattle.
RadCity electric commuter bike review: Affordable, urban, green, and just plain fun
The List
3 Ways Electric Bikes Can Help Shrink Your Waistline
Inc Magazine
How a High School Passion Project Became a $30 Million Company
50 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017
The Huffington Post
Amazing Products That Give A Glimpse Into The Future
Forbes 30 Under 30: Manufacturing & Industry
Is There An Electric Bike Revolution? Seattle's Rad Power Bikes Thinks So
How Electric Bikes Are Beginning to Take over the Market
Popular Mechanics
What Exactly Is Inside an Electric Bike?
RadMini Electric Bike is Foldable, Affordable, And Just Plain Cool
RadMini Bike
RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike
New Atlas
Electric fat folder hauls cargo on and off road
Digital Trends
Rad Power Bikes offer an electric alternative to four wheels
RadWagon electric cargo bike could be the ticket to low-car living