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Rough weather doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a ride with the kids. The Conestoga attaches to the RadWagon 4’s caboose accessory to keep your children protected from the elements. 

The Conestoga comes with a water-resistant top for rain protection and translucent vinyl windows to provide a clear line of sight between the passenger and the rider and visibility in all directions. Adding to the versatility, the side doors conveniently fold up and can be placed out of the way to let your pint-sized companions enjoy open-air rides as the weather warms up throughout the day. 

Pair with our Sun Cover (sold separately), for an even more comfortable, open-air ride that will still provide instant shade for your little ones. Just slip off the attached rain cover and wrap the Sun Cover’s velcro straps around the Conestoga’s frame.

The interior features a small double-mesh pocket to give your kids easy access to snacks and the exterior boasts a large back pocket for extra storage.



  • Fold-up doors provide easy entry and exit.
  • Interior and exterior pockets allow for additional storage.
  • The Conestoga mounts directly to the frame to remain secure while riding.
  • The Conestoga is designed to accommodate up to two children, and up to two Yepp child seats. 
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 91.2 cm x 58.5 cm x 78 cm


Installation Instructions

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