Abus Bordo Granit X-plus 6500



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The BORDO GRANIT XPlus™ 6500 Folding Lock is quite literally a tough nut for bike thieves to crack since it incorporates "granite", or at least the ABUS take on it; 5.5mm bars manufactured from specially hardened steel and connected with special rivets, which offer protection against even the most determined of attacks.

  • 5.5 mm bars with extra-soft two-component casing to prevent damage to paintwork
  • Colour-coordinated soft-touch silicone cover for the lock body
  • ABUS Link Protection Shield for a high level of protection against hinge sawing
  •  Ideal combination of resistance, flexibility and size
    - Abus Security Level: 15
    - Length: 85 cm
    - Weight: 1580 grams