RadCity 5 Plus

Electric Commuter Bike

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The RadCity 5 Plus’ innovative blend of comfort, style, and versatility is just the beginning. This electric city bike provides a next-level riding experience for any urban traveler. Designed to help you get the most out of your Rad City Rides, the RadCity 5 Plus is the perfect companion to conquer your weekdays and celebrate the weekends.

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Technical Specifications

What Makes the RadCity 5 Plus Best in Class?

Torque Sensor

For the first time in Rad’s history, we’ve equipped the RadCity 5 Plus with a torque sensing bottom bracket, for a more intuitive riding experience. This technology combines a precision strain gauge and RPM sensor that detects how hard the rider is pedaling, prompting the geared hub motor to kick-in and take off.

Easy to Remove Semi-Integrated Battery

The Proprietary Semi-Integrated Battery has been designed and engineered in-house for maximum durability and an enhanced user experience. By housing directly into the frame, not only does this battery give your bike a sleeker look, but it’s now easier to pop it in, pop it out, and take with you on the go. It features a user-friendly 10 LED display to keep an eye on your charge and an ergonomic shape with a practical grip for greater portability.

Rear Rack Included

The RadCity 5 Plus comes equipped with a rear rack -- replaceable, instead of welded onto the frame like previous generations. This design allows the rider to mount a child seat or pannier bag with sufficient space between the rear rack and rear fender.

Patent-Pending Rad User Interface System

The intuitive Rad Remote and a bold, custom Rad Display improves operability. The large, practical buttons offer a simplified experience while riding, and the display shows real-time stats, including distance. If you’ve ever lost track of the time while on your bike, this display screen has you covered. It features a clock so you can leave your watch at home.

Durable 27.5"" x 2.0" tires

These all-new 27.5” x 2.0” Rad Custom Pavement Tread tires provide a silent, comfortable, fast rolling and efficient ride. Fitted with an anti-puncture layer of tire liner and a reflective sidewall striping for better visibility on the roads -- these tires are ideal for urban riding. Narrow enough to fit wheel locks for security and to slide into bike racks traditionally seen at train stations or in front of the grocery store.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes for Great Stopping Power

All-new hydraulic disc brakes provide superior stopping power, respond to a lighter touch, and give you more control over your ride. The ergonomic design reduces rider fatigue and the brake lever can be adjusted to accommodate the size of each rider’s hand.

Custom Geared Hub Motor 

The Custom Geared Hub Motor has been fine-tuned by Rad’s electrical engineering team for a greater rider feel. Providing enhanced low-end torque, a more confident ride feel, and greater efficiency that will impress even the most seasoned riders. These are the exact qualities that Rad riders demand from a do-it-all style ebike.

RadCity 5 Plus Technical Specifications

Accessories For You

Customize Your Ride
RadCity 5 electric commuter bike

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Fremont Pannier Bag
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Rad Rearview MirrorRad Rearview Mirror
Rad Rearview Mirror
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Battery Terminal CoverBattery Terminal Cover
Battery Terminal Cover
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Black bag Black bag on bike
Large Basket Roll Top Liner
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Small Basketsmall basket on front of bike
Small Basket
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Cargo bike netCargo bike net over basket
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Large PlatformLarge Platform on back of bike
Large Platform
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USB charger for ebikeUSB charger on white bike
USB Charger
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Saddle BagSaddle Bag
Saddle Bag
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Battery Travel Casebattery case bag with bike battery
Battery Travel Case
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Image of black bag with Rad Power Bikes logoImage of black bag with Rad Power Bikes logo on a silver bike
Top Tube Bag
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Roadside Repair Tool Kitblack tool bag strapped onto bike handlebar
Roadside Repair Tool Kit
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Taillight with RAD red logoRad Logo taillight on basket
Rad Taillight
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Handlebar BagHandlebar Bag
Handlebar Bag
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ABUS wheel lock
RadCity Plus Ring Lock by ABUS
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handlebar mitts on bikehandlebar mitts
Handlebar Mitts
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ABUS Chain 6KS/85
RadCity Plus Chain by ABUS
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phone holder for bikephone holder on bike handlerbar
GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount
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Small Mounted BasketSmall Mounted Basket on a green fat tire bike
Standard Front Mounted Basket

RadCity 5 Electric Commuter Bike

Reimagine your ride

An innovative blend of comfort, style, and versatility. Wherever your commute leads you, this next-level electric city bike is the perfect companion to conquer your weekdays and weekends.

What Makes It Special

Introducing the RadCity 5 Plus: Electric Commuter Bike

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