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Why the 250W ebike is taking Europe by storm

Let’s begin with a quick terminology lesson. A “watt” is a unit of power. Watts can be used to measure the instantaneous power output of a machine, such as the motor on an ebike.

The 250W motor comes very close to being the ideal piece of ebike technology - it looks great, it’s reliable, inexpensive and lightweight. However, the burning question is “is 250W enough?”

Let’s us compare the 250W with the 750W RadRhino.


Each component of Rad Power Bikes RadRhino was selected by our team of experts who understand the expectations and real world applications ebike enthusiasts are seeking. The end results blend the best features of riding on and off road.

Both 250W and 750W RadRhino ebikes give you 80 Nm of torque to get you to a top speed of 25 km/h in no time.

The 48V 14 Ah battery packs a punch and has the capacity and range to be there for you when you need it most. At only 3.5 kg, this is one of the lightest and most energy efficient battery packs ever supplied on an electric bike.

250W Advantages

There are a number of advantages when it comes to purchasing a 250W ebike in Europe, but the top two are (1) it’s cheaper, and (2) you don’t require any L1e-A registration or licensing to ride it. What this means is you are able to ride on the bike path with ease. There is no necessity for a driving license or registration, there is no road tax to be paid, and, ultimately, there’s no hassle.

The 250W motor is lightweight and still requires your own pedal input, so you’ll get a great workout while you ride about town. If you don’t mind pedalling a bit harder up hills and steep terrain, then the 250W may just be your cup of tea.

750W Advantages

Where you will feel the deficiency of a 250W motor is when travelling uphill, especially off road. When you hit an incline that 250W motor is really going to have to work to pull you up. So, depending on your terrain and the amount of exercise you wish to get, the 750W may suit you better.

The 750W RadRhino has a Twist Grip Throttle, which means you get 750W power on demand. In essence, you don’t have to pedal too vigorously to get to your destination. 

Tahlia Hicks
Tahlia Hicks