Which Rad Ebike Is Best For Your Family?

Which Rad Ebike Is Best For Your Family?
In addition to being incredibly fun to ride and making you feel like a kid again, electric bicycles are a fantastic option for families on the go. With the right Rad Power Bikes ebike, you can easily carry your kids on the bike, tote groceries home, get out for a family adventure, and so much more.

Ebikes are eco-friendly and allow you to be more active – but there are even more upsides. Riding electric bikes can be a great bonding experience for parents and kids. Parents can take advantage of the commute time to school or other activities to chat with the kids and point out interesting things in your neighborhood as you zip along.

What Are the Best Electric Bikes for Families?

Luckily, you won’t need to figure out how to make a skinny-tire road bike work for your family. In the market today, there are three main types of electric family bikes equipped with the features you need to be useful to your daily activities.

1. Standard ebikes with child seats
These are regular electric bikes like our RadCity 5 Plus or RadRhino that have an integrated rear rack where you can mount a child seat comfortably and safely. This bike provides you with a typical bike riding experience with smaller children.

RadCity Electric Bike on a bridge

2. Cargo and utility electric bikes with passenger seats
Rad Power Bikes offers multiple options in this category including the RadRunner 2, RadRunner Plus and RadWagon 4. Each of these models is built to carry heavier loads and can be equipped with child seats or adult passenger seats. These bikes are particularly convenient for families as they handle just like regular bicycles with a smooth electric boost for your trips.

Mother with two children on RadWagon 4
3. Bakfiets, or front-loading e-cargo bikes
These are a type of electric bike typically seen in Europe. They’re iconic for their large passenger basket at the front of the bike that can fit multiple small children.

Convenient Ebike Features for Families

You can equip your Rad Power Bike with front-mounted baskets or racks, cargo bags and more to maximize your carrying-ability for items. But the real benefit for families comes in our ebikes’ ability to transport the kids.

Child in a park with RadRunner in the background

Passenger Accessories
From the seat cushion (deckpad) for the RadWagon and the passenger package for the RadRunner to running boards and the Conestoga that makes sure the kids are protected from the elements, we’ve got all the accessories you need to roll out in style with the family.

A Powerful Motor and Pedal Assist
Our family ebike models come with 250-watt rear hub motors that give you 75+ km per charge. Our adjustable Pedal Assist System gives you all the power you need to climb up hills and cruise with ease, and our Twist Assist throttle can help you accelerate easily when starting from a standstill or give you an extra boost anytime you need it.

Capable Tires
Rad Power Bikes are famous for our fat tires, which not only look cool but give you a smooth and safe ride. They offer increased stability to keep your precious cargo safe and can handle any terrain with ease.

Family Ebike Safety and Comfort

With your kids in tow, safety is the top priority when getting out on your electric bike. Depending on the age of your kids, you’ll need different safety gear and passenger options.

family with child on RadWagon Electric Cargo bike

For babies and toddlers, we recommend mounting a child seat (all Rad Power Bikes ebikes are tested for compatibility with the Thule Yepp Child seat). Our RadWagon long-tail models can hold two Thule Yepp Child seats. For the younger ones we recommend safety accessories like the Caboose and running boards for these long-tail ebikes which provide stability for your riders.

For slightly older children on a RadWagon, we recommend installing the Deckhand for them to hold on to (as an alternative to the Caboose). Additionally the running boards and foot pegs are required with the deckpads for riders to rest their feet on and keep balanced. Our RadRunner utility moped-style ebikes can be outfitted with child bike seats or a stylish, comfortable passenger seat with foot pegs as your passengers get bigger.

We recommend only switching your RadWagon or RadRunner setup from child seats to a Deckpad or Passenger seat with running boards or foot pegs when your child is tall enough to reach the foot support and can hold on to the handle bars comfortably.

Parent putting child on passenger seat of a RadRunner 2 Electric Utility Bike

Additionally we recommend parents to upgrade their bikes with additional road safety accessories like the rear view mirror, the premium headlights and reflective stickers. Ride safely throughout the year and protect yourself and your family.

Ride Rad with the Whole Family

Ebiking with your family can add an entirely new layer of fun, connection, and adventure to your family outings. Be more eco-friendly, get active, and experience that freedom that being on a bicycle brings. Whatever your motivation, you’ve got some great family ebike options with Rad Power Bikes.

Parent with child on RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike

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