Which bike suits your Rad Dad?

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Father’s Day is a holiday honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds. Why not gift your Rad Dad with a brand new Rad Ride?

Picking the best bike to suit your Father’s needs can be tricky. Whether he’s looking for one to commute, get fit or just explore the countryside, an ebike is the optimal tool to do so -- “But which one will suit your Pop?”...

Here’s a gift guide we put together to help him kick off Summer.

The Cargo Dad

Rad Dad RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike

The RadWagon has been favored as the “SUV of ebikes”. Capable of hauling a payload capacity of 158kg, the RadWagon 4 is the most versatile version of the RadWagon yet. 

The integrated rear rack means Dad can attach panniers bags, platforms or baskets to carry groceries, tools, hardware, sports equipment, you name it! Or mount a Yepp Maxi child seat, caboose or deckhand to bring the kids along for a ride.

RadWagon 4 Accessories

The lower center of gravity means it's easier to ride, easier to hop on and off, and more comfortable for your kids to climb aboard.

RadReview RadWagon 4

The Utility Dad

Rad Utlity Dad Riding a RadRunner Plus Electric Bike

With a total of 330 accessory combinations, the RadRunner or RadRunner Plus can be outfitted to suit your Dad! The integrated rear rack offers him the option to mount a child seat, passenger pack, basket, cargo bag, and more!

Maybe he’s the kind of dad that would appreciate the patent-pending Center Console to store his drinks when heading on a solo ride through town.

Or maybe dad likes the fact that the RadRunner (and RadRunner Plus) is the very first ebike to have an adjustable driver's seat that can be completely flush with the passenger's seat. So he can keep the seat low so his partner can ride at the back and snuggle up close, bearing in-mind that the total payload capacity of the RadRunner and RadRunner Plus is 136kg.

RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

RadRunner Review

The Go Anywhere, Do Anything Dad

Thijs and Floyd on the RadRhino

One of the most popular bikes from our lineup. The fat tire capabilities of the RadRhino and RadRhino Step-Thru means the rider can go from urban streets to rough terrain without compromising on comfort or capability.

If you have a Dad who is game for adventure, likes to skip the bike path, and look like a total “badass” while doing so, then this is the ebike for him! Awarded The Best Electric Fat Bike of 2020 by EBR, The RadRhino and RadRhino Step-Thru are inexpensive without compromising on quality.

 RadRhino EBR Review

Dad on a Mission

RadMission Rad Dad

As the lightest and most affordable ebike Rad Power Bikes has ever produced, the single-speed RadMission is built for riders on a mission.

Great for a variety of riders, the RadMission is both lightweight and easy to maintain.
At only €1099 you could get one for dad and the teenager(s). Available in four different colours, and two different frame styles, the RadMission is slick, stylish and convenient. Perfect for city riders commuting to the office, or popping into the cafe for a coffee. 

RadMission Rad Review


The Outdoorsy Dad


Does your dad enjoy camping, fishing and other outdoor excursions? Recently awarded “Beste Koop” electric folding bike by Fietstest.nl, the RadMini 4 could be exactly what your dad is looking for!


This rugged space saver packs quite the punch. Strong construction, high battery life, 7 speed gear range and puncture resistant tires -- what more could you want?


The RadMini 4 can be stored just about anywhere. Fold it up and place it in the camper or boot of the car. Mount a pannier bag to the rear rack, or small basket to a front rack, and you’re ready to set off on adventure. 

 RadMini Rad Review

We hope this gift guide has provided you with some helpful information. Hopefully now you are able to determine which ebike would be perfect for your Rad Dad. And if you’re still not completely convinced, ask him to try our Ebike Quiz.


Still confused by which Rad ride to get your dad? Compare all our models side by side to view the recommended rider height, payload capacity, drivetrain and more! 


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