Which Is the Best Electric Bike For Me?

Which Is the Best Electric Bike For Me?

Once you get your hands on one of our electric bikes, we're pretty confident you'll be spending a lot of time on it. 


After all, your bike will help you conquer hills, ride longer, and go further than you may have thought possible -- regardless of what option you go with. 


But we also know that every would-be rider has their own vision of a perfect bike, whether it's one they can use to explore the rugged outdoors or one that will help them zip along city streets.


So to make sure you're getting the most out of your soon-to-be very rad life, we've put together this handy guide to match the right model with your lifestyle.



The Best Ebike For Commuting:




You have places to be! You're a city dweller looking to avoid traffic and get to work without breaking a sweat. You're in the market for a trouble-free, everyday ride that's also great for tackling hills and exploring your local bike paths on the weekend.  




The RadRunner is the most affordable Rad Power Bikes ebike. With a 250W motor and single-speed drivetrain this ebike is perfect for riding through the city, popping to the supermarket or heading into the office. Very comfortable and versatile. At only €1199 the RadRunner has been praised for its versatility and unique design. (Learn More).



Don't let the "mini" in its name fool you. Sure, the RadMini can quickly fold when you need some extra room, or are climbing onto the bus or train, but this ebike packs quite a punch when you're ready to head out and take to the streets! (Learn More). 


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The Best Ebike For Outdoors:



You can't get enough of the great outdoors. You want the best ebike for hills, rugged terrain, and all-around adventure. And, hey, it wouldn't hurt to have one that's also equipped for easy riding on paved streets too.





With 4” fat tyres and a reputation for stability, our flagship ebike is perfect for off-road adventures, weekend spins around the cul de sac, and everything in between. (Learn More)


RadRhino Step-Thru

With a lower standover height and less distance between you and the handlebars, the RadRhino Step-Thru makes it easier than ever to get on and get going -- all without sacrificing the power, strength, and durability that made the RadRhino famous. (Learn More)


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The Best Ebike For Cargo:



It doesn't matter if you're hauling kids across town or hauling hardware for a weekend project, you want an ebike that gets the job done. Dependability is a must and you won't rest until you find a stable, confident ride. Maybe it can even replace your car?





The RadWagon is the most affordable, feature-rich, and powerful electric cargo bike on the market and it has everything you need to get the job done -- and then some. (Learn More)



A total of 330 accessory combinations means this single-speed utility bike can be uniquely yours. Plus, at €1199, the RadRunner ousts the competition as the best ebike for your money. (Learn More)


RadRunner Plus

A head-turning electric utility bike that comes fully-loaded with an all-new collection of upgrades and accessories. It’s built to help you take on any hill, explore roads less-traveled, and with a stylish passenger package, you and a friend can put the “joy” in “joyride.” (Learn More)


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The Best Folding Ebike:


RadMini4 Folded


You have a lot of big plans for hitting the bike path every day, but only a little bit of space. Or maybe you're looking for an easy bike to bring along on road trips or RV expeditions. Either way, storage is key. 





Don't let the "mini" in its name fool you. Sure, the RadMini can quickly fold when you need some extra room, but this ebike packs quite a punch when you're ready for action and adventure. Power, convenience, and versatility make this rugged space-saver a truly unique addition to any arsenal. (Learn More)




The Best Ebike For Delivery:



Want to get your side hustle on? You'll need an ebike that makes delivery a breeze, one that can finally let you say goodbye to idling in traffic or hunting for a parking space.





It's an affordable way to speed up your deliveries! 


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Want to learn more? Need some help understanding the technical and functional aspects of our ebikes? Chat to our Customer Support team at eu-info@radpowerbikes.com or phone +31-85 7470430


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