We are Open for Service

We are Open for Service

We know you love our bikes, and while they are made so that maintenance is as easy as possible, sometimes a professional helping hand is simply the best you can get. So, we went to work this summer and kickstarted our growth plans for local service partnerships.

You already know how easy it is to buy one of our amazing fat-tire ebikes online, but now you can also find a trusted mechanic there too. We have listened to your stories of being turned away by your local mechanics, or for having to wait too long to get an appointment or speak to our teams online. Since this summer we have added 26 new locations to our Rad Authorized Service Partner network so that customers in the UK and across Europe can find an experienced service location close to home.

We recognize that most of our customers want a local bike shop for a test ride, assembly of their bike or the maintenance/ repair work and don’t want to have to wait on the phone to speak to us.

All of our partners are characterised by exceptional service that help to keep e-bikes and all their special features in good condition. Customer service and repairs can now take place in your local bike shop; questions can be addressed directly, professionals will be on hand to provide helpful advice and are guaranteed to find a solution for you.

 Woman installing batter on RadRhino ebike

From B for battery to G for gear

Simply pumping up your tires is not enough - a perfectly running e-bike needs more care than the occasional pressure top up. The Rad Authorised Service Partners (RASPs) offer an all-round service for all e-bikes from our brand. This includes regular maintenance and extends to damage and warranty repair. Therefore, if something on your bike does not run smoothly, the service partners are the place to go for professional help. Even warranty service is being undertaken in these locations, but only upon approval by Rad Power Bikes.

Those who prefer to have their e-bike assembled by a specialist dealer can book an appointment with the service partners too. The bike is professionally built by trained hands, which makes it easier for our riders to get the most out of their bike on day 1.


Test ride prior to buying online

Some of our service partners have enough space to also offer test ride opportunities with a few select models. This way you can experience first-hand how comfortable and fun our fat tire bikes are before you buy online. The service partners ensure the test bikes are perfectly adjusted for your needs before you set off for a quick trip that will change your life for good.

 Man cleaning RadMission ebike

A helping hand

All service partners are professionally trained by our experienced mechanics and have full access to our spare parts and approved components stock. In this way, the best possible service is always guaranteed and you can enjoy your bike for a lifetime.

As our Rad Community is growing, so will our RASP network across Europe and many more countries. Next on our list are Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and more locations in France, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands of course.

To see your closest Rad Authorized Service Partner, check out our Service Map. If you are looking for a test ride location, we have a map for that too.

If you are a bike shop, and would love to become a Rad Authorized Service Partner, we would love to hear from you by sending us a message here


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