Up to Snow Good | Rad Stories

Up to Snow Good | Rad Stories

You may remember Thijs’ RadStory where he shared details about his 3rdPersonView camera mount business, SailVideoSystem, and discovering Rad Power Bikes after suffering a heart attack in early 2020. 

After spotting a totally Rad post Thijs shared on his Instagram page, we had to reach out and ask how he experienced riding in the snow on his RadRhino Step-Thru


Thijs Vrij RadRhino Step-Thru Snow

When the snow fell in Holland a few weeks ago I was working on the final details of our NEW 3rdPersonView Shoulder mount for 360 camera. At first I was pretty nervous about riding, but after a few minutes I was completely confident and comfortable cruising through the forest in the soft and hard packed snow. The grip of the tyres was just amazing and so much fun.

After getting used to the bike in the snow I put on the new Shoulder Mount and attached a Insta360 camera to the selfie stick. 

Our 3rdPersonView camera mounts are unique in a way that they let the user film themselves in action in any sport without having to hold the camera or a selfie stick. It’s as if the camera is floating in the air… like a drone.


Watch the full 360° video on your mobile device here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/mROHszZgulY

I have been riding my RadRhino and RadRhino Step-Thru for a year now. I went almost everywhere on my bike during Summer... long trips through nature with my kids, or friends, and often riding on the beach… That was really AWESOME!”

RadRhino Step-Thru BeachRiding along the shore in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. 


Once Fall and Winter started I went out a bit less especially when it was raining, but on the dry days it was great to get out of the house and just ride around and clear my head. I really like early morning rides when it is still very cold outside and the sun is still rising, and there is no one else around… yes it was pretty cold but with a few extra layers of clothing it's worth it!


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