Top 6 Bike Picnic Must-Haves

Top 6 Bike Picnic Must-Haves

What could be better than taking a bike ride, choosing a beautiful scenic spot, and setting up a yummy picnic while you soak up the sun?


It is time for picnic dates and bike rides.

Not only does riding your ebike allow you to choose a prime location, clear of crowds but it also clears the mind, moves the body and creates quality time together in places you may have never been before. It’s wonderfully relaxing and a great way to spend the day with friends or family.  


Summertime is picnic time. On a beautiful sunny day, keep the below must-haves in mind for your ultimate Rad picnic:


Get bike accessories to help you carry the load

With accessories like the Fremont Pannier Bag, or Large Basket Bag, there’s no need to load a heavy backpack. Instead, an accessory like Fremont Pannier Bag the pannier bag (or Ballard Bag) can house 28L of goodies, and seamlessly clips onto the rear rack of any Rad Power Bikes ebike.

Durable, water-resistant and versatile. Carry anything from your picnic blanket, sunscreen and crisps, to your laptop, books, bike tools and more!

RadRunner Electric Bikes in park

Or if you have your preferred picnic bag pop it in our Large Basket or Front Mounted Basket. These accessories are not only great for picnics, but also perfect for trips to the grocery store or riding with your dog. 

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Plan your route ahead of time

Before you head off on your picnic trip, there are a couple of things to consider. Do you want to take a long ride, or would you prefer to head somewhere close to home? Is there a restroom? How popular is the picnic area, and will it allow for safe distancing?  


Check Google Maps to see how long your bike ride will take, and whether or not you’ll be riding on a busy road. Perhaps there’s a store on your way, so you can collect a few extra goodies before arriving at your picnic spot. 



Prepare for the elements

We live in Europe. Which means some of us have to contend with unpredictable weather. Remember to pack sunscreen, for protection from the UV rays, as well as a windproof jacket, in case it gets cold. 


Check the weather forecast beforehand. But -- just to be on the safe side, use that big cargo bag to pack a few extras. Lack of planning could cause unnecessary aggravation on your fun-day-out. Consider taking a rain jacket, rain pants and bug spray - You never know! 


Pack a blanket

You’ll need something to sit on.
Pack a large picnic blanket that can also be used to wrap fragile items, like a bottle of wine and some glasses.


Prepare your food ahead 


The trick to picnicking well is picnicking smart. Choose small foods that pack easily. 


Hummus, crackers, baby carrots, sandwiches, fruit, you name it! It’s fun to have an assortment of foods to choose from, and preferably items that don’t require refrigeration. Cheese is fine, but ice-cream is risky. 


Don’t forget to pack some water and other beverages of your choosing. You’ll want something to quench your thirst after your bike ride.


Along with the array of yummy food, it’s important to remember a cutlery, small plates, napkins and wet wipes. 


Pack a trash bag 

Leave the picnic spot as you found it. Pack a trash bag to throw away your discarded food items. Even better: take a couple of bags to separate compostable trash, plastic and paper.

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