The RadRhino 6 Plus - Breaking new ground

The RadRhino 6 Plus - Breaking new ground

You know the RadRhino, right? The striking electric fat tire bike that stands out from the crowd and grabs the attention of almost every passer by. Well say hello to the RadRhino 6 Plus -- the latest upgrade of our flagship fat tire model. 

This Go Anywhere, Do Anything ebike has been a fan favorite since it’s launch in Seattle in 2007 (known as the RadRover to our friends in North America), and it's no surprise why. 

“I think the reason our customers appreciate the RadRhino so much is because it’s a bike that can do it all -- cruise through town, commute to work and explore gravel trails.” says Rad Power Bikes’ European Director, Arno Saladin. “The fat tires offer ultimate comfort and grip when you need it. And because of a good motor, the extra weight and resistance is easily overcome. You can ride this bike feeling like you are on a lightweight touring bike.”

Versions of the RadRhino 6 Electric Fat Bike

Since its introduction to Europe in 2017, the RadRhino has been the ultimate adventure companion for riders across the continent. From the very first 750W model, to the limited edition Forest Green release, and a Step-Thru frame that made it easier for riders to get on and get going.

RadRhino Electric Fat Bike Timeline

And -- believe it or not -- this new RadRhino 6 Plus is even better than ever. 


What makes it so special?
“We were able to add a number of next level technologies without dramatically having to increase the price. The hydraulic disc brake offers more stopping power. The new controller offers more refined control over power delivery, and squeezes out more efficiency. The new frame design offers more relaxed handling, fits a wider range of riders and has improved cable management, internal controller housing and offers battery integration.”-- Arno boasts as he excitedly introduces this new model to our European team. 


Let’s take a closer look at the difference between the RadRhino 6 Plus and its predecessor -- the RadRhino 5.

RadRhino5 comparison to RadRhino 6 Plus

Besides the above, the advances of the RadRhino 6 Plus and RadRhino 6 Plus Step-Thru include:

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for the first time in Rad History. These upgraded brakes respond to a lighter touch, which in turn provides the rider with improved stopping power and more control over their ride. 


  • All-New Proprietary Semi-Integrated Battery
  • The proprietary 14 Ah, 48V 672 watt-hour battery houses directly in the frame, which gives this bike a sleeker look and enhances the overall user experience. 


  • Custom Geared Hub Motor (250W)
  • Our engineering team has fine-tuned and developed a new, custom  geared hub motor that provides power more efficiently.


  • Integrated Patent Pending Rad User Interface
  • The patent-pending Rad User interface makes it even easier to operate this electric fat tire bike, especially when you’re on the move. The Rad Remote’s large, practical buttons allow one to quickly adjust your level of pedal assist. And for all the kilometers ahead, you can track stats and keep an eye on the time. 


  • Reengineered Frame
  • The bike features a newly redesigned frame with enhanced ergonomics and ride handling. To better accommodate a wide range of rider heights, from 157-188 cm.

    RadRhino LCD Display and Battery Comparison

    The RadRhino 6 Plus is more than just an upgraded version of our classic RadRhino - it’s a next-level riding experience. Available in the Fall of 2021, be one of the first to challenge the fat tire capabilities of this new Rad ride. 


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