The RadCity 5 Plus: Innovation Reimagined

The RadCity 5 Plus: Innovation Reimagined

Have you had a chance to check out the RadCity 5 Plus?

It’s the latest and greatest offering from Rad Power Bikes, but it’s also a testament to the Rad Lab’s commitment to non-stop innovation. Here’s how our iconic electric city bike has evolved over the years and why this new model will help riders everywhere reimagine everything they know about transportation.

A Rad Legacy

The RadCity has gone through a lot of big changes since it hit the streets five years ago in America.

What started as a feature-packed electric commuter bike was soon upgraded with a better battery that promised more capacity. The next year, it received higher quality components. Then, Rad Power Bikes made it even easier to ride by giving it a streamlined throttle and updated headlight.

With the fifth iteration, the Rad Lab redesigned the RadCity from the ground up to give riders the ultimate performance they need to navigate city traffic, busy streets, and challenging hills with ease.

Better Urban RidingElectric City Bike in Urban Setting

“This is a purpose-built bike,” Industrial Designer Trevor Knapp told the Scenic Route. “We are committed to city-style riding and that comes through with every choice we made.”

To start, that meant shifting the frame to give riders a more ergonomic fit, which has the added benefit of making it more comfortable to pedal. It also meant swapping the direct-drive motor found on previous RadCity models with a new, custom geared-hub motor that could climb hills 40% faster.

And to give riders the extra confidence they need to zip all the way across town and back, the Rad Lab designed the bike to cover 11% more ground than any previous model. 

“We knew that the bike was going to use power way more efficiently because of the new wheel size, custom tires, a torque sensor and the upgraded motor controller," Senior Product Manager Tom Mount said. "When we finally wrapped up testing and saw the range, it ended up being far greater than we expected. You can go over 80 km per charge."

Plus More ...

Electric City Bike Next to Water

As the latest 'Plus' model to enter Rad's lineup, the RadCity 5 Plus includes whole slate of features to help elevate your ride:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes for more control over your ride.
  • A custom semi-integrated battery that easily pops in and out.
  • A more accessible frame that lowers the minimum rider height by 5 centimeters.    
  • An upgraded user interface to track your statistics.
  • A torque sensor with a rear hub motor that engages at the slightest push of the pedal.


Ready to see what you can reimagine? The RadCity 5 Plus and RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru can be preordered now and will ship in early December 2021.

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