Ten Tips For Riding Rad In The Rain

Ten Tips For Riding Rad In The Rain

Wet rides aren’t something any of us look forward to. 


An unexpected downpour can ruin your commute or keep you from rushing to the supermarket until after it subsides.


However, just because it rains doesn’t mean you can’t ride your ebike. All you have to do is take some helpful steps to keep your ride pleasant and safe. 


Here are just a few:

1. Invest in a good quality waterproof jacket or coat

You're ideally looking for something that is both waterproof and breathable. The breathability of the coat or jacket helps to ensure you don't overheat whilst on your bicycle, and the waterproof fabric will ensure you keep your torso dry from the rain. Don’t forget to factor in temperature when choosing your layers; you don’t want to end up soaked from the inside out because you didn’t wear breathable fabrics. 

2. Go for gloves

Your hands and feet are generally the first to suffer in the cold. A good pair of boots is a no-brainer for the cold weather, but a good pair of gloves will come in handy when you're riding around town. Your cycling gloves need to be thick enough to protect you from the wind and rain, but also not too thick that they end up hampering you from using your brakes or adjusting the speed on your bike. Neoprene gloves are the most popular choice -- they are water-resistant, thick, but not too thick to hinder your dexterity.

3. Wear a waterproof cap

A water-resistant cap with a peak is super helpful in the wet weather Keep your hair dry, and protect your face from splashes with a well-fitted cycling cap. 

4. Recycle plastic bags

Be environmentally friendly and utilize your plastic bags when riding. You can place a bag over your seat to keep it dry when your bike is parked, or, as a cheap option, you can use 2 plastic bags over your shoes to keep your feet dry from the rain that may pour down your legs. 

TIP: If your shoes get wet, stuff them with newspaper overnight or at the office to absorb the moisture. 

5.  Ensure you are visible

All Rad Power Bikes have a built-in front and back light. This is an incredible safety feature, as most of us know when you're in a car, and driving in the rain, your visibility is poor. Having a light on your bike ensures those around you are aware of your presence and are mindful to be cautious when driving close to you. 

6.  Avoid standing water

Stay clear of standing water as there may be a tyre thrashing pothole lurking beneath it. 


7. Protect your ride

Moisture can corrode components, causing them to rust. To prevent this, be sure to apply lubricant to your chain on a regular basis. After a certain amount of time riding in the rain, the lubricant can get washed off. Lubricate your components on a regular basis and keep in mind that lubes often take some time to penetrate and dry. Be sure to give it a reasonable amount of time to dry off before taking your bike out.


8. Slow down on descents

Even familiar roads can hold dangerous surprises in stormy weather. Give yourself time to safely navigate and slow down when traveling downhill or onto a slick road or pavement. 


9. Keep your legs dry

Some people wear waterproof trousers over their clothes while others prefer to cope with wet legs. Waterproof over-trousers do tend to make your legs sweat but if your bike ride is short, these are a major plus.

10. Use a waterproof rucksack

A waterproof rucksack, or one that has a waterproof cover, is ideal for tackling the downpour and ensuring your valuables don't get wet while riding.  


If you're a rain warrior or know of someone who is new to cycling in harsh weather conditions, feel free to share this article. 


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