• RadMission in nature

    10 Rad Reasons To Keep Riding This Autumn


    Pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather and changing leaves. Yup. It's official!... Autumn is upon us. The trees are changing from green to gold, the temperature is dropping, and rainy days are becoming more frequent. It's a beautiful time of the year, and a season that can still be enjoyed on your Rad ride. Here is our list of reasons and top tips to keep riding this Fall season.

  • Rad tips for Nighttime riding

    Rad tips for Nighttime riding


    There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s getting darker earlier. Autumn is imminent, days are getting shorter and Summer is nearing its end. With that in mind, we thought we’d shed some light on how to ride Rad in the dark.

  • World Car Free Day

    One Day, No Car: Let's Do This!


    An open letter from Rad Power Bikes CEO and Co-Founder Mike Radenbaugh.

  • Hit the Road with Rad's Summer Ride Guide

    Hit the Road with Rad's Summer Ride Guide

    Electric bikes make everything a little easier, whether that’s commuting to work or loading up on the week’s groceries. But with Summer in full swing, you might have your heart set on something a little more fun than the day-to-day for your next ride. If you’re looking to maximize your time outside, here are a few Rad tips.
  • Ride Together

    This Is What Happens When We Ride Together

    What’s more powerful than an electric bike? Riding it with someone close to you!
  • Rad Ladies | Kicking It with Aimee

    Rad Ladies | Kicking It with Aimee

    March is Women’s month! A time to commemorate, observe, and celebrate the important role women play in our lives and society.
  • Can you get fit with an electric bike?

    Can You Get Fit With An Electric Bike?

    When you think of ways to get fit, an electric bike may not be the obvious choice. But electric bike owners know better than anyone that riding an ebike is a great way to lose weight and get fit!
  • Join Rad Power Bikes Club on Strava

    Ebike into the New Year

    As 2021 approaches, the pressure to set and stick to New Year’s Resolutions draws near. For many, getting in shape is at the top of their New Year’s Resolution list. If this is the case for you, we’ve got you covered!
  • Less Screen Time, More Green Time

    Less Screen Time, More Green Time

    Here's how electric bikes like the new Limited Edition Forest Green RadRhino 5 are helping riders everywhere spend a little more time outdoors.
  • Ride Rad All Through Autumn

    Ride Rad All Through Autumn


    Just because the season has changed, it doesn’t mean your riding schedule has to.

  • Growing Up Rad

    Growing Up Rad

    When you grow up with an ebike, it becomes a member of your family.
  • The Extra Mile: Soon-To-Be Rad Mom

    The Extra Mile: Soon-To-Be Rad Mom

    With just a few short weeks until her due date, we caught up with Monika, one of our European Customer Support Specialists, to get some insight into the life of a soon-to-be Rad Mom.

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