• The RadRhino 6 Plus - Breaking new ground

    The RadRhino 6 Plus - Breaking new ground

    You know the RadRhino, right? The striking electric fat tire bike that stands out from the crowd and grabs the attention of almost every passer by. Well say hello to the RadRhino 6 Plus -- the latest upgrade of our flagship fat tire model. 
  • Here's Why You Should Ride Rad

    Here's Why You Should Ride Rad


    If you’re looking to join the hundreds of thousands of riders who’ve taken up ebikes, it’s worth keeping in mind that there’s a reason our riders continue to make us North America’s leading ebike company.

    Here’s what we can say that other ebike companies can’t — and why we think you should choose to #RideRad.

  • Life on the Road with the RadMini

    Life on the Road with the RadMini


    #VanLife has become a popular movement, whether it’s to capture an Instagram-worthy weekend, or converting into the alternative, off-grid lifestyle. Josh Speer, Rad Power Bikes’ European Facilities Manager, recently equipped his #VanLife with 2 RadMini foldable ebikes, so he and his wife Alice could make the most out of their vacation, and ride around exploring the areas they have driven to. 

  • Affording Your New ebike, Made Easy

    Affording Your New ebike, Made Easy


    We all know that riding our bikes is good for our health and even better for the environment , but what if it could be good for our wallet too? 
    Governments around Europe have been working tirelessly to provide tax incentives for riders and businesses who want to switch to a more environmentally friendly solution to commuting and transportation. But sometimes the world of bike-to-work schemes and financial subsidies can seem overwhelming.

  • Hit the Road with Rad's Summer Ride Guide

    Hit the Road with Rad's Summer Ride Guide

    Electric bikes make everything a little easier, whether that’s commuting to work or loading up on the week’s groceries. But with Summer in full swing, you might have your heart set on something a little more fun than the day-to-day for your next ride. If you’re looking to maximize your time outside, here are a few Rad tips.
  • Rad Power Bikes Europe turns 4

    Rad Power Bikes Europe turns 4

    With an existing bike culture, pristine cycle paths, and a direct harbour for shipping in Rotterdam, it was a no-brainer that Mike (CEO) and Arno (European Business Director) opened Rad Power Bikes Europe in the Netherlands back in 2017. And now Rad Power Bikes has grown to be one of the most popular electric bike brands in Europe and the UK.
  • Rad Power Bikes Rad Dad blog banner

    Which bike suits your Rad Dad?


    Father’s Day is a holiday honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds. Why not gift your Rad Dad with a brand new Rad Ride?
    Picking the best bike to suit your Father’s needs can be tricky. Whether he’s looking for one to commute, get fit or just explore the countryside, an ebike is the optimal tool to do so -- “But which one will suit your Pop?”...

  • Top 6 Bike Picnic Must-Haves

    Top 6 Bike Picnic Must-Haves

    What could be better than taking a bike ride, choosing a beautiful scenic spot, and setting up a yummy picnic while you soak up the sun?   It is ti...
  • Rad Places We Love in Utrecht, De Meern

    Rad Places We Love | De Meern, Utrecht


    Only 20minutes from Utrecht Central Station, De Meern is a village with a broad number of historical, cultural and fun places to visit, including the Rad Power Bikes Europe Showroom.

  • Prep for Summer Rides

    Prep for Summer Rides

    Say goodbye to dreary cold weather, and a warm welcome to sunny Summer!
  • A RadWagon electric cargo bike alongside a woman walking with her children by the waterfront.

    TIME Recognizes Rad Power Bikes as One of World's Most Influential Companies

    North America’s largest ebike brand is featured as a TIME100 Pioneer.
  • Split The Payment of Your Rad Ride

    Split The Payment of Your Rad Ride

    Rad Power Bikes are not only sleek, stylish and sustainable. They’re also some of the most affordable ebikes available on the market.

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