• Rad Places We Love in Utrecht, De Meern

    Rad Places We Love | De Meern, Utrecht


    Only 20minutes from Utrecht Central Station, De Meern is a village with a broad number of historical, cultural and fun places to visit, including the Rad Power Bikes Europe Showroom.

  • Prep for Summer Rides

    Prep for Summer Rides

    Say goodbye to dreary cold weather, and a warm welcome to sunny Summer!
  • Jasmine Palace Rad Stories

    Jasmine Palace | Rad Stories

    Restaurant owner, Michael Man, shares why Jasmine Palace has chosen the RadRunner as their preferred mode of transport when delivering food to cust...
  • Black RadMission Electric Bike in Utrecht

    Comfort Tips to Keep You Moving | Riding Rad


    “Riding Rad” is an approachable introduction to broader issues and topics facing ebike riders globally. From general bike etiquette and weird local bike laws to safety and theft prevention tips, "Riding Rad" sheds light on some of the barriers newer riders may face and serves as a refresher for seasoned commuters.


  • Ride Together

    This Is What Happens When We Ride Together

    What’s more powerful than an electric bike? Riding it with someone close to you!
  • Up to Snow Good | Rad Stories

    Up to Snow Good | Rad Stories

    While some of us may dread the idea of riding a bike during Winter, Thijs Vrij took full advantage of the opportunity to test out his RadRhino Step-Thru in the snow this past February.
  • Join Rad Power Bikes Club on Strava

    Ebike into the New Year

    As 2021 approaches, the pressure to set and stick to New Year’s Resolutions draws near. For many, getting in shape is at the top of their New Year’s Resolution list. If this is the case for you, we’ve got you covered!
  • Wet Weather Ride Care | Riding Rad

    Wet Weather Ride Care | Riding Rad

    After riding in the rain, you can generally just peel off your wet clothes and get cozy. Your bike isn’t as lucky. Use these tips to keep it in top shape all year round.
  • Cold Weather Tips for Your Electric Bike Battery

    Cold Weather Tips for Your Electric Bike Battery

    A few warm reminders for those chilly months ahead.
  • Take it EZ

    Take it EZ


    Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in Europe. We caught up with Edinburgh’s top electric bike tour company, EZ Bike Tours, to learn a little more about their services and how they’re dealing with tier three restrictions.

  • RadRhino 5

    Rhino You’re The One For Me

    Thanks to the ebike, sweaty commutes are a thing of the past, but the RadRhino 5 offers you so much more than your average electric bicycle.
  • Rad Academy: How to Fix a Flat Tyre

    Rad Academy: How to Fix a Flat Tyre

    A flat tyre can ruin your ride. Our in-house expert shows you how to bounce back.

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