Riding With Kids? We've Got You Covered

RadWagon Conestoga and Sun Cover

Summer’s here, school’s out, and it’s time to start adventuring again as a family!


We love spending time with the kids, but as any parent can tell you, the backseat can easily turn into ground zero for high-stakes drama.


Luckily, a RadWagon can help you avoid the hardest parts about traveling with kids — and with our all-new Conestoga and Sun Cover, you can enjoy your care-free, car-free summer adventures, regardless of the weather! Think of it as a covered wagon ... for your RadWagon.


No More Bored Kids

Parents wear a lot of hats. Not only are you a breadwinner, an amateur chef, and a makeshift healthcare provider when the kiddo catches something at school, but sometimes it feels like you also have to be a full-time entertainer. Try juggling that duty while playing chauffeur on a family road trip, and you’re looking at instant frustration.


A RadWagon lets the ride keep the kids occupied. With the sights and sounds of the world around them, you can avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet?” The Conestoga has wide, clear windows and fold-up doors when they want an open-air ride, which means you can always give them something more interesting to look at than a phone screen.


Less Whining, More Winning

Is it too hot? Are they hungry? When your kids have an issue, they aren't shy about sharing it -- sometimes again and again and again and ...


With our family-friendly electric bike accessories, you can stop the whining before it starts.


For on-demand snacking, the Conestoga’s interior storage pockets provide easy access to their treats of choice. For all those humid summer days, attach our new Sun Cover to the Conestoga frame to let in a cool breeze and provide comforting shade. And for added comfort, your kids can rest their feet on the RadWagon's Running Boards.



Stop Fighting In Its Tracks

Imagine never having to utter the words "Don't make me come back there" ever again. Sounds pretty tempting, right?


Sharing a bike ride helps siblings simply get along. That's something we've heard from loads of parents who've replaced the family minivan with a RadWagon.


"The kids also love it, and it's so sweet to listen to them chat about what they see while we ride," verified Rad Rider and mother of two Briana S. told us in a five-star review. "It's been a game changer."


"This is an amazing solution for parents of small children," Matini L. said in another. "Kids can interact with their surroundings and with the two bike seats installed, it prevents fighting and encourages more sightseeing."


With Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat and a Caboose/Deckhand combo for a family on the grow, the RadWagon is a stress-free way to shuttle up to two kids.



Bathroom Breaks Made Easy

We've all been there. You're out for a ride and suddenly your young passenger has to go. Like, right now.


The RadWagon and its accessories make those impromptu bathroom breaks easier than ever. You won't have to worry about finding a parking spot close to that gas station or coffee shop when you can just lock up your bike right by the front entrance before running them in to use the Little Boy or Girl's room.


And if you're taking them for a spin on a rainy day, the Conestoga's wide doors have been designed in-house for quick, easy entry and exits. (Still, maybe try reminding them to go before you leave the house next time.)


Ready to hit the road? Our Conestoga and Sun Cover are in stock and ready to ship. Looking for even more passenger comfort? Check out our entire lineup of family-friendly accessories.

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