Ride Rad Back 2 Work

Ride Rad Back 2 Work

Home from your holiday and dreading going back to the office?

After a week or two off work, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to keep that post-vacation serenity for just a little while longer. 

Despite all the responsibilities that may await you, a ride on your ebike can be a wonderful escape from the everyday hustle! 

With an electric bike, you'll make it to the office without breaking a sweat. Go further and faster than you would on a traditional bike, avoid traffic jams, move your body while spending time outside, plus, riding an ebike is a great win for the environment

What's more, evidence shows that riding an ebike is just SO MUCH FUN. 

Trust us - once that motor kicks in, you start pedaling and the Rad grin takes effect; riding your ebike will become one of the best parts of your day. 

The only question is, which one of our Rad Rides is right for you?


The RadWagon 4

Made with families in mind, the RadWagon 4 is the ultimate Electric Cargo Bike. 


With an impressive payload capacity of 158 kg you can haul your groceries, kids, hardware, you name it. 


The RadWagon 4 was created to fit a child seat, our iconic caboose, and other accessories that will transform your family’s bike into the ultimate people-moving machine. Plus, with easy mounting points, you can swap accessories in and out as you please.


If you want an ebike that will allow you to drop the kids off at daycare, head to the grocery store and/or pop into a meeting across town, this is the perfect choice for you!

Reasons to buy the RadWagon

The RadRhino


The RadRhino is available in a high-step and step-thru frame. Synonymous with fresh air exploration - this fat tire ebike is ideal for riding through the city, cobblestone roads, gravel and sandy paths. 


The RadRhino helps you get more out of your everyday riding. Not only is this bike functional, robust and customizable, it’s also a total eye-catcher. 


Reach areas cars can’t get to, carry heavy gear with ease, enjoy more time riding and taking in the fresh air and scenery; rather than stressing about what’s in your inbox or staring at your phone. 


Made with a front suspension fork, puncture resistant tires and 7 gear drive-train, it’s no wonder this bike is known as the “Go Anywhere, Do Anything Ebike”. 

Reasons to buy the RadRhino

The RadRunner and RadRunner Plus

“Designed to be Customized”. The RadRunner and RadRunner Plus have a total of 330 accessory combinations.


Accessories like the centre console, passenger package, wood panels, rearview mirror and front-mounted basket (to name a few), means you can kit out this Rad Ride to fit your unique needs and personality.

Heading to the office, planning a picnic, meeting with friends, or spending quality time with your partner. The RadRunner and RadRunner Plus hold countless possibilities.

RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

The RadMini

Does your commute to work require you to take the bus or train? Maybe a foldable bike is what you need to shorten the travel time.

If you’re limited on space, the RadMini is an excellent option to fold up and store away.
If you take a lot of road trips, the RadMini is ideal to fold and pack in the back of the camper van - plus the fat tires offer comfort and stability on gravel roads.
If you need to take the train to work, but the office is too far to walk to, simply take your foldable RadMini ebike with you. 😉

RadMini Electric Folding Bike

The RadMission

At Rad’s lowest price point, the RadMission is perfect for inner city dwellers.


Available in a high-step and mid-step frame, the RadMission is a slick, stylish single-speed electric metro bike with slightly narrower tires that can easily fit into bike parking stations within the inner city or train stations. 

At Rad’s lowest price point, the RadMission is shockingly inexpensive. For only €1099 (or €92 per month using Splitit) this bike is perfect for commutes to work, or even school. If you’re looking to treat your child, the RadMission is easy to maintain, light enough to carry upstairs, and not to mention - totally Rad.

Reasons to buy the RadMIssion 

So there you have it. Now you can look forward to heading back to work, because it means more opportunities to ride your brand new ebike. Which will you choose?


Still not sure which is the perfect Rad Ride for you? Compare our full lineup and take our ebike picker quiz to narrow down your options. 

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