Ride Rad All Through Autumn

Ride Rad All Through Autumn

There are loads of things to love about Autumn: cooling temperatures, cozy sweaters, beautiful Fall colours, and pumpkin spice in just about everything. 


You may be more reluctant to take your bike out on cold, wet or windy days, but there’s no reason your Rad ride has to pick up dust during the next few months. There are multiple benefits to continuing riding throughout the year. Here are some useful tips to remember this season.


1. Keep the Winter Blues at bay

Let’s be honest, life can be really demanding sometimes; and with all that 2020 has thrown at us it’s inevitable that stress and anxiety could be triggered.

There are a few methods to keep your mind at ease, and the blues at bay, but one of our favourites is getting on a bike and taking a long, exhilarating ride.



A ride on your ebike is great for your mental and physical health! There’s a basic release of adrenaline and endorphins. Combine this with the ability to explore your local town and be outside, it’s a wonderful remedy for cold weather blues.


2. Be Visible

One of the first experiences with Autumn is the duration of daylight. So it’s important to stay visible, in the dark, or on rainy days.

All of Rad Power Bikes ebikes are equipped with headlights and taillights, so you’ll never be left in the dark.


Rad power Bikes Reflective Stickers and headlight


If you wish to be extra cautious you could spruce your bike up with reflective stickers, and mount a rear view mirror to stay one step ahead and ensure the coast is clear before changing lanes  or overtaking another rider. 


3. Keep your bike clean

Taking the necessary steps in looking after your beloved ebike is the best way to reduce the chance of mechanical issues. Check and clean your brakes, gears and other moving parts regularly - especially during the wet season.


Clean your bike chain

Moisture can corrode components, causing them to rust. To prevent this, be sure to apply lubricant to your chain on a regular basis. After a certain amount of time riding in the rain, the lubricant can get washed off. Lubricate your components on a regular basis and be sure to give it a reasonable amount of time to dry off before taking your bike out.


4. Watch where you ride 

The leaves look beautiful as they start to change colour, but they can be potentially hazardous to riders.


RadMission in Autumn

Leaves can fall to the ground and cover potholes, and other potentially dangerous inconsistencies on the road. Keep your eye out, and try to avoid riding over leaves, as they can also cause a slick surface that may cause you to slide out.

If you approach a pile of leaves, ride slow and be cautious. 


5. Dress for success

Getting caught in the rain unexpectedly can be a total fail. Invest in some good quality rain clothes, so you’re prepared when commuting on your bike.

A breathable, waterproof raincoat is a must-have! Don’t forget to factor in temperature when choosing your layers; you don’t want to end up soaked from the inside out because you didn’t wear breathable fabrics.


RadMission Puddle Reflection

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