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Regenerative Braking | Riding Rad

Here at Rad Power Bikes, we often get asked if pedalling can recharge the battery on your ebike.


Alas ... Your pedals do not possess such wizardry, but there is good news for riders clinging to their last bar of charge like a retriever on a rope knot: Your brake levers are capable of doing just that!


Regenerative braking is a feature that comes standard on all of our bikes with a direct drive motor (RadCityRadCity Step-ThruRadWagon). Benefits of this technology are multiple. They include:

  • • Increasing the range and efficiency of a charge.
  • • Helping slow you down, a la engine braking in a car.
  • • Extending the life of your disc brake pads.


Watch the video below to learn more about how it works.



Joe Flynn
Joe Flynn