RadWomen: Rocking and Riding Through Paris

RadWomen: Rocking and Riding Through Paris

By: Lousia Pillot, Rad enthusiast and RadWomen ambassador

As an American music producer, performer and DJ (professionally known as Louisahhh) in Paris, France with a canine sidekick named Riot, I needed a better way to get around the big city than relying on the metro or taxis. Since I got my RadRunner Plus in September 2020, we have been inseparable.

Woman riding electric bicycle

I chose the RadRunner Plus because I liked the step-through style and appreciated the stable nature of the fatbike for some of the off-road cycling I do. I also wanted a bike large enough that I’d be able to carry my furry passenger around Paris with me.

Prior to getting an ebike, I was taking the metro across town with an anxious dog, and then getting a taxi from the metro station to the barn to ride horses. Often this meant being stuck waiting for a car in the rain, or getting denied rides when I’d bring Riot, in addition to spending an ungodly amount of money to ride a car a short distance.

Woman and dog on ebike

I transitioned to my Rad bike as my primary form of transportation during the Covid-era, when I didn’t feel safe on public transportation and taxis were too expensive to take regularly. Now I ride the bike almost daily from my home in the city center out to the Bois Boulogne in the west to ride horses and back home, often with my dog in tow in her specially-affixed dog basket (she really loves the bike). With an ebike, all of this is made much easier and costs much less. In addition, Riot and I look VERY cool on the RadRunner Plus.

Rain or shine, you can find me riding. It’s a nice way to burn off anxiety and stress, and the fastest and easiest way to get around Paris. And now that I’m relocating to split my time between Boulogne and Le Perche, I plan on getting another Rad bike to keep in the city as I take my present bike to the countryside.

A favorite memory of mine with my RadRunner Plus was after my band’s first show in Paris when I got to ride my bike back and forth between the venue and my house for sound-check and performance, and then ride home after the show. It was a really special night, made better because I got to enjoy some of it on my bike.


I love that Rad has values that align with mine in terms of being eco-conscious, customer-focused, and affordable. This bike means I can get to where I need to go quickly and easily while making a positive choice for the environment and for my own physical and mental health. Now that I’ve gone Rad, I’m never turning back.


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