RadTrike 1 - Rad Power Bikes’ First Electric Tricycle

RadTrike 1 - Rad Power Bikes’ First Electric Tricycle

On December 6, 2022, Rad Power Bikes welcomed the first electric tricycle in our line up. An iconic adult tricycle with an impressive weight load capacity (188 kg/ 415 lbs), unmistakable Rad fat tires and an impressive low step-in frame.

The RadTrike 1, will be exclusively available in the USA in 2023 and may make an appearance in Europe and the UK in 2024 depending on interest from our local Rad Community.

While this electric tricycle is not yet available in Europe, let’s take a look at what would be the same across the USA and European models:

  • Impressive weight load capacity of 188 kg (415 lbs) with a limit of 147kg (325 lbs) max rider weight
  • Extremely low step-in height (stand over height) of 34 cms (13.4”)
  • This adult tricycle fits riders with heights of 163 - 185 cm (or inseam measurements between 25-35 inches)
  • Estimated reach on a full battery between 32-88 km (20-55 miles)

So what would be different in Europe from the US model:

  • The European model will be equipped with a 250W motor to adhere to EU regulations (unlike the US model, which comes with a 750W motor)
  • The RadTrike 1 in Europe will be a pedelec trike. This means it will not be equipped with a half-twist throttle (unlike the US Rad ebikes) instead it will come with a Twist Power Assist to help you get launched with the bike. The Twist Power Assist will provide acceleration up to 6 km/hrs but will not provide additional speed without the rider pedaling the bike.

If you want the RadTrike 1 to come to Europe, let us hear your voice by signing up below.

In the meantime, ride Rad with one of our in-stock bikes today.

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