RadRunner Plus or RadRunner 3 Plus? Know the difference…

RadRunner Plus or RadRunner 3 Plus? Know the difference…

2023 is shaping up to be another special year for Rad – especially when you consider that we’ve just released our latest and most innovative model yet.

As we welcome the RadRunner 3 Plus to the Rad Runner utility bike family, we are delighted to share with you what we have changed, upgraded and improved to elavate and enrich your ride.

Find your fun with this sleek and modern city bike that can do it all,and carry even more precious cargo than ever before.

As with all our RadRunner ebikes, Rad Riders can enjoy a low, step-through frame, a moped-style design and an integrated rear rack to carry a passenger or heavy loads around town. The RadRunner 3 Plus, like all our European and UK ebikes, comes with a 250W geared hub motor on the rear wheel and a Twist Power Assist to get you rolling from a standstill.

But what is new in the RadRunner 3 Plus compared its predecessor, the RadRunner Plus?

Man riding RadRunner 3 Plus Electric Utility Bikes

Updated Design

The RadRunner 3 Plus features an updated design, a more angular frame, and features a sleek, semi-integrated battery, unlike the RadRunner Plus, which has a sit-on-top battery.

While the batteries look very different they hold the same charge capacity, so the range of the two bikes is comparable.

Additionally, the latest RadRunner model also has an updated UI with larger LCD display and controller buttons for easier handling even with gloves on.

And when it comes to style, the RadRunner 3 Plus sports a refined charcoal grey look, while the RadRunner Plus showcases a retro-style silver and espresso color scheme.

Woman riding RadRunner 3 Plus Electric Utility Bike

Comfort and Safety

The RadRunner 3 Plus has been upgraded for extra comfort and more ergonomics features. While the RadRunner Plus comes with a motorcycle style seat and mechanical brakes, the new RadRunner 3 Plus comes with a plush saddle for more rider comfort, and all-new hydraulic brakes for faster and stronger stopping experiences, even with a lighter touch. These upgrades make the stop-and-go nature of city riding more comfortable and easier to manage.

Woman strapping in child on RadRunner 3 Plus with a child seat

Increased Cargo

We know that the RadRunner utility ebikes are loved by riders who both carry cargo and kids, so we have taken that customer feedback into account. Those who love the style and length of the RadRunner Plus but wished for a tad more weight capacity can now enjoy exactly that with the RadRunner 3 Plus. The improved frame and integrated rear-rack can handle a total weight load capacity of 159 kg (350 lbs), rivaling our RadWagon 4 family hauler.

RadRunner 3 Plus Electric Utility bike with range extender battery

Go Further

Now here is something absolutely unique to the RadRunner 3 Plus. It is the first (and so far only) ebike in our line up that has the ability to mount a Range Extender that can allow you to go further. Once you have a second battery installed, you can go twice the usual distance with your bike, making it a true car replacement when you need to travel longer distances.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is available starting March 1, 2023 and its unique accessories can be pre-ordered immediately. Delivery of these add-ons will follow in April 2023.

Note: In many European countries riding with an adult or two children on the backseat is not permitted, even if your bike can carry their weight safely. Please check your local regulations and use your Rad ebike safely.


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