Rad tips for Nighttime riding

Rad tips for Nighttime riding

There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s getting darker earlier.

Autumn is imminent, days are getting shorter and Summer is nearing its end. With that in mind, we thought we’d shed some light on how to ride Rad in the dark.

Switch your lights on

Switch your lights on


If you live in a city, you may think that the street lights are all you need to see at night, but in this situation, the lights on your bike are more about ensuring you are seen by other road users.

All Rad Power Bikes ebikes are equipped with a headlight and integrated tail light that have brake light functionality that works in the daytime or at night.

Even on country roads, the LED headlight is bright enough to illuminate your path and reveal any obstacles, potholes, critters or other hidden dangers that may lay ahead.


Stay visible

Stay Visible


While lights are an obvious critical element required for riding at night, reflectors can be just as valuable.

All of our bikes are designed with sidewall wheel reflectors -- plus we sell additional reflective accessories for those who really want to stand out.

For extra safety and visibility, riders choose to place reflective stickers on the side of their bike so that others may see them coming out of an intersection. Simply peel and stick the reflective stickers to your frame and you’re ready to go.

Consider wearing high-visibility clothing as well. Bright colors, reflective piping or reflective straps are an inexpensive and easy addition to ensure you pop when riding Rad in the dark.

Ride with caution

Riding with Caution


If you’re new to riding at night or venturing off onto unknown terrain, take it slow and ride vigilantly.

Different parts of the eye (such as the iris, pupil and retina) work differently in the dark. Your peripheral vision is known to slightly improve at night, but it's more difficult to focus on objects ahead of you, so be sure to stick to a path that’s well-lit. And if the road you're traveling is darker than you’re used to, take it slow and keep an eye out for any hazardous obstacles.

Have fun

Have Fun. Ride Rad


For many people, the idea of a night ride can seem unpleasant. After all, it’s dark and cold. But for others, night riding is really fun.

There’s something incredibly peaceful when riding through pools of light beneath vibrant street lamps. Even in the middle of a city, the sound of your bike motor and the spinning wheels is strangely meditative. Plus -- the streets are usually a lot quieter at night than they are during the day, making the ride way more enjoyable when you have the road to yourself.

Riding in the dark mixes things up – you challenge your riding skills, you get a big gulp of fresh air and there's an opportunity to ride with friends and explore some new terrain together.


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