Rad’s Corporate Fleet Solution

Rad’s Corporate Fleet Solution

There are numerous reasons to start riding an ebike -- fitness, reducing one's carbon footprint, and above all, they offer a fun and functional way of getting you from A to B. For these, and countless other reasons, people are turning to ebikes as their primary mode of transportation.

Rad Power Bikes Corporate Fleet Solution could be the dynamic addition your company has been searching for. The perks of riding to work, or to meetings, are incredible! Not only does more movement benefit health and environmental consciousness, but it also increases job satisfaction.


Cycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. It improves your heart-rate, strengthens muscles, and burns calories. Exercise is known to trigger endorphins. As a result, after cycling you increase your productivity at work. Improving memory, increasing concentration levels and prioritizing tasks better. 

According to a publication from Cycling UK, 45% of the surveyed employees who cycle experience less stress at work, and 47% mention improvements to mental wellbeing. In addition, commuters who regularly ride to work suffer less from illness and take fewer sick days.

Research and data have also been gathered regarding those who struggle with depression. They saw their levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) fall after riding a bike for only 15 minutes. And if you’ve ridden a Rad Power Bikes ebike before, you know it’s certain to put a smile on your face. 😁

RadMission Corporate Ebike

So ditch the car and take the bike instead. Ebikes allow you to avoid traffic and congestion, never struggle to find or pay for parking again, and plan fun trips before, during, or after work.

HR Magazine conducted research back in 2016 regarding why employees who cycle to work were more productive than those who don’t. Sure, public transport offers a good alternative to avoid traffic, but is it always reliable? Maybe you live in a city where it is, but, unfortunately, not everyone has the same experience. I’ve chatted with many colleagues and friends in the past who’ve cursed the train or bus for running late.

“But Teun, won’t I be super sweaty after riding to work?” Nope. That’s the beauty of an ebike. An electric bike allows you to exercise without putting excessive strain on your joints or muscles. Once you begin to pedal, the motor kicks in, which helps to conquer steep inclines, or alleviates you from arriving at the office drenched in sweat. You can decide how difficult you want your ride to be. Level up on the pedal-assist (PAS) so you can have an easy leisure ride to the office, and level down the PAS on your way back home for more of a workout. 

I ride my bike every day. I’ve opted for the RadWagon 4so I can travel with my son and/or pop into the grocery store whenever I please. We hardly drive our car anymore, especially now that it’s Summer. This sustainable solution allows me to cut down on petrol costs, avoid traffic, plus I get some fresh air and a quick workout.

RadWagon 4 with Teun

Choosing an ebike gives one more freedom and flexibility. Apart from the initial cost of the bike and services every few months, ebikes are really economical. You will save on taxes, fuel and parking fees and provide your employees a healthier and more reliable way to get around.

Rad Power Bikes Corporate Fleet Solution has a wide range of ebikes for you to choose from, starting from as little as €1099 per bike. We can tailor the contract and billing depending on your needs. We offer cost-effective fleet systems for businesses of all sizes.

Feel free to contact Rad Power Bikes commercial team at b2beu@radpowerbikes.com to discuss your business needs. Empower your team and #RideRad.



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