Rad Power Bikes Europe turns 4

Rad Power Bikes Europe turns 4

With an existing bike culture, pristine cycle paths, and a direct harbour for shipping in Rotterdam, it was a no-brainer that Mike Radenbaugh (CEO) and Arno Saladin (European Business Director) opened Rad Power Bikes Europe in the Netherlands back in 2017. And now Rad Power Bikes has grown to be one of the most popular electric bike brands in Europe and the UK. 

It all began in a small showroom in Utrecht, De Meern, with a RadRhino and big plans to take the European ebike market by storm. "We went from a handful of passionate bike nuts to a globally operating company run by passionate bike nuts." said Arno Saladin, Rad Power Bikes' European Business Director. “Rad designs and builds bikes that offer people fun and effective alternatives to the conventional, and non-environmentally friendly means of transportation and recreation.”

Rad Power Bikes staff EBX

In 2020 our team grew to more than double the size from the previous year. And we went from 3 bikes, to 7 robust, sturdy, fun and innovative Rad rides that our customers and team members can’t get enough of.

2020 Ebikes

“Rad Power Bikes can’t be easily compared to other bike brands. I think our bikes are FUNctional! We combine fun and joy with something functional like a bicycle. A form of transportation that is really fun to use in your everyday life. The unique design stands out from other ebikes and still is very practical.” says Ralph Hagelaar, Retail Specialist who has been with Rad Europe since January 2018.

Ralph RadRhino

“Working at Rad has been a very dynamic and awesome experience. Especially in the beginning. When I started at the European branch only consisted of a small team of six people. Rad Power Bikes dares to be different, and in my opinion Rad has always had a very open minded view on the bike industry and beyond. It has definitely made me feel at home. A place where I can be myself, where I can learn, where there’s room for fun stuff and where you feel appreciated.”

In celebration of our 4 year anniversary, we’re offering our customers a 4% discount on all ebikes from 18-20 June 2021! We have everything from off-road, foldable, city, to cargo and utility bikes. Perfect for the Summer, and to keep you riding all year round.

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