Rad Deliveries Take Mainz

Rad Deliveries Take Mainz

At only 2 years old, VeloCarrier Mainz are leading the way in sustainable logistics.


In order to reduce their carbon footprint, owners Schmitz and Bramer have launched an ebike delivery company, providing their community with fast, reliable and environmentally friendly deliveries.



We caught up with Thomas Schmitz to get some insight into their business, and why they have opted for the RadBurro Electric Cargo etrike.


“I feel a responsibility to be a role model for my kids.”, Thomas explains. “I felt like it was time to do something different, and commit to a business model that does not contribute to pollution.”



“I have been a bike enthusiast for many years, and utilising Rad’s RadBurro is ideal for our logistics company. We are able to commit to many  deliveries in one day, parking is never an issue, and because of the power of the bike I am able to easily ride up the steepest hills with the bike full of cargo.”



The RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike was built to meet the demands of businesses, addressing many of the logistics industry's most pressing issues by enhancing operational efficiency, improving fulfillment and delivery timelines, and reducing the cost and waste associated with traditional fulfillment methods.





Thomas and his team pride themselves in fast delivery. “Faster than internet trade our cargo bikes move uninterruptedly throughout the city and through pedestrian zones, even at peak times.” Thomas boasts. “We deliver goods purchased from you every day, even on Saturday!” 



Schmitz believes many people are rethinking their traditional methods of transportation. And it seems consumers in the US and Europe are in agreement. As government imposed lockdowns have spread, and we’re leading up to Summer, more and more people are choosing to ride bikes, and not buses or trains. As cities around the World emerge from quarantine, bicycles appear to be the ideal mode of transportation! Ebikes, in particular, are fast, you are able to travel further for longer without breaking a sweat, you keep to social distancing regulations, you don’t get stuck in traffic, and you always have a place to park!


Are you interested in an electric cargo bike for your business? Never ridden an ebike before? Visit our showroom in Utrecht, the Netherlands, or the smaller showroom at VeloCarrier Mainz, to test our bikes!


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