Preparing for your Ebike Holiday

Preparing for your Ebike Holiday

“Any Summer holiday plans?” -- the eminent question buzzing around the office, bbqs, and text message conversations. The season is upon us, and if you haven’t planned one already, you might be thinking a cycling holiday would be the ideal getaway for you. 


  • You can avoid crowds
  • Ditch the car and save on fuel
  • Well-deserved me-time
  • Freedom to explore and discover so much more

What more could you want? 

Ride from your AirBnb to the beach, cruise the natural quiet country roads, or ride through the city centre for some delicious local cuisine. Whatever your ideal vacation looks like, an ebike would add tremendous value to a memorable time away.


We’ve compiled a list of top 5 considerations to help you prepare for your ebike holiday.  


Bike Rack

RadMini Electric Folding Bikes road trip

First things first - how are you going to take your ebike with you?

If you’re travelling with a camper van, then something like the RadMini can simply fold up and be stored inside. However, if your bike does not fold up you’ll want to consider a bike rack.

When buying a bike rack, it’s wise to examine the following:
- tire width: Rad ebike tires are wider than the standard bicycle. You could potentially be fine with a mountain bike rack, but the best solution would be a rack with adapters so you can adjust accordingly.
- bike weight: will the rack handle the load capacity? Will your tow bar support the weight of the rack plus bikes?
- the number of bikes
- length of the wheel base
- fuel: drag can reduce your fuel economy
- weather: if you are planning to drive in the rain it is wise to use a rain cover over your bikes. Highway rain can act like a high pressure jet. A rain cover can prevent pressurized water from entering/squeezing into small openings.


Plan accordingly

Plan your ebike holiday with family and friends

If you're going away with your partner, family or a group of friends, it's important to make sure you're all on the same page when it comes to riding. How long will you be out? Will you ride everyday? Do you know where you want to ride and what you hope to see? Is it safe to ride? These are some vital questions to ask when planning. And you may also want to consider taking a second battery with you as well.

There are multiple tips to help you maximize your battery life. Most Rad Power Bikes ebikes can ride up to 72+ kilometers on a fully charged battery, but if you’re hoping to ride even further, or keep your PAS on max, consider purchasing a spare battery.

During the Summer keep in mind that warmer temperatures can wear down the components that are used to generate power for your ebike, effectively leading to premature capacity loss. Ideally, batteries should be stored at room temperature, charged between 10 °C – 25 °C, and kept well away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight at all times.


Kit yourself out

Accessorized RadRunner electric bike with little girl sitting on passenger seat

Before you head out on the Radventure, make sure you have all the necessities with you. Accessories like a rear rack, pannier bag, basket and saddle bag can be the perfect addition to making your ride even Radder. Pack a picnic, keep a tire pump handy, maybe even that spare battery if you’re hoping to go really far on your bike tour.

Rad Power Bikes ebikes come fully equipped with a headlight and taillight, so no need to worry if you’re out riding past midnight. But if you prefer to keep an eye on the time, the new RadRhino 6 Plus high-step and step-thru models were designed with a NEW custom display so you can track your battery life, distance as well as the time.

For all the other must-haves, take a look at our suggested packing list you’re welcome to print-out and tick off before hitting the road.

Bike Holiday Packing List

Stay comfortable

With an extra-wide, ultra-plush design, our Gel Comfort Saddle is the ideal upgrade for any rider who enjoys long, leisurely spins. Featuring a vacuum-formed, waterproof exterior, a layer of gel padding, and added suspension for a comfy ride.

Not only is comfort key -- so is safety and security. It’s easy to relax and let your guard down on vacation, but you should always keep safety in mind, especially on your bike. Consider purchasing a rear view mirror so you can keep a lookout for cars, bikes or pedestrians behind you.

Reflective stickers and bright clothing ensure your visibility on the roads. And don’t forget that bike lock to ward off those opportunistic thieves.

Don’t get a puncture 

Rear view of the RadRhino 6 Plus in the forest

There’s something every rider dreads: that moment when you start to feel like something’s wrong with your bike. Unfortunately, flat tires are a part of riding and relatively common -- but there are precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood.

A sudden flat is something that can ruin your ride, but if you ride defensively, perform regular tire inspections and maintain tire pressure you may never have to replace your tubes.

Keeping your tires inflated within the correct psi range will help keep flats at bay. Watch where you ride and do your best to avoid potholes, puddles and other obstacles in the road.


Regardless of all the planning and preparation, remember to have fun, relax, be safe and Ride Rad!

Considering a bike holiday, but don’t own an ebike? Compare our full lineup of Rad Power Bikes ebikes here. 

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