New Year, New Adventures – The Rad Way

New Year, New Adventures – The Rad Way

It’s a new year and with that comes New Year’s Resolutions to try Rad new things, visit Rad new places, and see Rad new sights. In that spirit, we caught up with Charles Winmar, a 19-year old from Ibiza, who is riding into 2022 with his trusty RadRhino 5 with the goal of biking through 54 countries – every country in continental Europe – a stunt never before recorded!


Four months into the big adventure, Charles has already biked 6,000 kilometers through 13 countries and is set on completing his trip in just a year and a half. 



Currently “chilling” in Iceland, Charles told us he loves that he can travel long distances with the reliability of a bike that has the power to take him from point A to point B safely and quickly. 


Charles decided to go with the RadRhino three months before hitting the road because of “the confidence, reliability and design,” as well as “the good range that the battery had, the good reviews with the brand, and the rear rack was a big plus.”


​​”The design is just brilliant,” Charles says, “but I think the throttle* [in particular] is a very cool feature, that for me is even more of a safety feature, as I use it to initiate the bike on a hill which prevents me from falling if I do it manually (because of the weight of the luggage) or if I need to avoid an upcoming object or obstacle.”


But more important to him than the specific features of the ebike, Charles appreciates what his RadRhino means to him. 


RadRhino Electric Fat Bike in black


“It gives me freedom, it’s not only the means of transportation but [it carries] the story and the memories with it.”


Now what Rad adventures will your New Year’s Resolutions (and Rad Power Bike) take you on? 


*Charles owns a L1e-a RadRhino Electric Fat Bike


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