Navigate the Holidays the Rad Way

Man with children on RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And also the busiest. From Christmas shopping to holiday parties and family gatherings, you're on the move and your form of transportation shouldn't be the thing that slows you down.

That's why Rad Power Bikes is here to power your way through the holiday season with Electric Bike Review's #1 rated electric cargo bike, our latest and greatest RadWagon 4. The RadWagon helps you not only get where you're going, but it helps you get there faster, with more energy, and with all the important things you need to bring along for the journey. 

1. Plenty of Storage Space

Whether you're carrying holiday gifts from a shopping trip or to a Christmas gathering, the RadWagon is equipped with the storage space and capacity to handle the extra size and weight of whatever you're carrying. Rad even has custom-fitting accessories including baskets, pet carriers, and storage platforms.

2. Take the Kids

Bring the kids on all of your holiday adventures with our custom Conestoga and Caboose accessories. With the power and durability of our RadWagon, not to mention the smaller tires for a smoother ride, you'll barely notice the extra weight - and wiggles - on the back of your bike. 

3. Move Faster

Getting your gifts, groceries and little ones from destination to destination can be a chore if you're riding a traditional bike. The RadWagon has a powerful, rechargeable battery and built-in power assist to help you get where you're going faster and with less sweat and fatigue. 


Check out what Carsten Nipkow, a German father of two, has to say about his Radwagon. 

So what are you waiting for? Level up your local holiday travels with the RadWagon 4 and other Rad Power Bikes. Shop ebikes and accessories now


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