Less Screen Time, More Green Time

Less Screen Time, More Green Time


It’s kind of funny. When we want to recharge our bike batteries, we just plug them in. But what about when we try to recharge ourselves?


Well, it turns out we have to do the exact opposite: We have to unplug.

Electric bikes are helping people everywhere do that by giving them a little more outdoor time. That means more time enjoying fresh air and less time stressing about what’s in your inbox, seething about the latest outrage on social media, or whipping out your phone every time you get an annoying notification. 


All this extra outdoor time adds up, and according to a lot of research, it’s probably more beneficial than you might think. Getting outside can boost your immune system,improve your concentration, and maybe evenhelp your vision. 

If you’re looking to squeeze in more time outside, check out these three ways ebikes make it easier than ever to do so.



1. They open up new outdoor opportunities.

RadRhino Green
The RadRhino Electric Fat Bike is now available in forest green for a limited time.

Ebikes reach areas cars can't get to, carry heavy gear with ease, and ensure you enough energy to do what you really want once you get to your final destination.

Marley Blonsky is an avid camper who takes both traditional and electric bikes to get to her campsites. Ebikes, she's discovered, are perfect for when you want to be really adventurous.

“If you go on your regular bike, you work really hard to get there. Then when you arrive, all you’ll want to do is sleep,” she said. “With an electric bike, it’s a more enjoyable ride. And when I get there, I can go fishing or hiking since I won’t be totally exhausted.”

Ming Poon, a snowboarder who rides his RadRover (RadRhino in Europe) all around Lake Tahoe, shares Marley's view.

“It's not like we’re lazy," he told us. "We just want to spend our energy on the things that we really want to do, like touring in the backcountry, mountain biking, or swimming -- whatever it is."



2. They let you ride year-round.


A forest green RadRover electric fat bike is perched on a snowy hill.
With more rubber on the ground, the RadRhino's fat tyres provide enhanced traction over rough terrain and an ideal weight distribution to help stop you from sinking in sand or snow.


While it may be tempting to put your bike away for the winter, there’s really no reason you can’t keep riding Rad all year long if you choose to. 


Each model from Rad Power Bikes comes equipped with a powerful motor that helps give you a boost along the way. Since you don't need to wear any fancy riding clothing to get a solid performance, you can bundle up and not have to worry about being slowed down. 


For those particularly rough winter rides, consider going with one of our all-terrain electric bikes. Not only are the tires designed to help prevent you from sinking in snow, but each off-road model comes with full fenders to help keep you dry when you're dealing with the elements. 



3. Electric bikes mean longer rides. 

RadRhino Green in the Forest
 Praised for combining comfort and fun, the RadRhino was recognized as the best electric fat bike of 2020 by Electric Bike Review


We hear from a lot of our riders that pedal assist gives them the confidence they need to go on longer excursions (and boy do we mean long).


A study in the journal Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives found that they're not alone.


According to its data, physical activity levels were similar in both ebike users and conventional cyclists, but ebike users had an edge when it comes to distance. The average venture on an ebike was charted at 9.4  kilometers, about 1 kilometer more than on a non-electric bike.


Not only that, but the study concluded that ebike riders cover significantly more ground per day -- reaching an average of 8 kilometers compared to 5.3 kilometers among traditional cyclists. 


 Can't get enough green? The RadRhino 5 Electric Fat Bike is available in forest green for a limited time. Check out this mean, green, riding machine now!



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