Kinging It on the RadMini 4

Kining It on the RadMini 4

Since social distancing has been advocated, and travelling opposed, we met with this jet-setting camper-cruising it-couple, Craig and Aimee, to find out how 2020 has affected them, and to learn a little more about their new found love for ebiking.



How has your life/work been affected since Covid?


Our work has pretty much come to a halt during this pandemic.


Our job is essentially based around travel and as travel isn’t really an option these days, we have to stay put.Get the little violins out! But we’re using this as down time as we are on the go pretty much 24/7.

It’s lovely to see friends and family for such a long period of time, even though we live with our parents when we come home and my mum is doing my head in about washing the dishes!

We’re pretty relaxed people and the coronavirus hasn’t affected us as people or our mental health at all, as long as we’re following the rules and keeping safe we’re not too terrified of it.

Luckily we have a videography background and have managed to pick up some commercial work while we are home so we can still afford Aimee’s shopping and Haribo addiction.




Have you enjoyed riding your ebikes during the pandemic? 


The RadMini 4 bikes for us were a game changer! We got them just as lock-down was happening and you couldn’t leave your house unless it was for work or to exercise, so we took full advantage of the exercising part! *wink wink*

We have tried to use the lock-down as an excuse to get fit and healthy again. Our lifestyle is usually so chaotic with catching flights and sticking to itineraries on road trips, sometimes we don’t have enough time for exercise, (ok, maybe we forget on purpose) so the bikes have been a brilliant asset to us but we’ve yet to name them! We’re terrible parents.

What do you like most about the RadMinis? 


We love how compact they are, but mainly how cool they look!!

Like old school low-riders. The orange on black is pure gangster and we often have people staring at them when we’re out and about!

We also love the motor. With the weather we're experiencing at the moment in the UK there is just no way Aimee would go out on a regular bike! The RadMinis are so smooth and easy going, you barely have to push - that's an Aimee bike!

We also usually travel with large heavy backpacks and getting on a bike with them would be our worst nightmare but the RadMinis are just so convenient! I can strap it to the rear rack and forget it's even there - brilliant.





Have you found the foldability helpful when storing the bikes away?

As we have a converted bus (called Custard) it’s so easy to fold them up and store them away under the bed! Also if we can’t get our bus into the town centers (she’s pretty huge) we can park in a campsite and head in on the bikes without breaking a sweat - absolutely perfect!




Do you plan to take the bikes with you on your next travel adventure?


Of course, we plan on taking the bikes everywhere with us! We’ll never leave them behind now, they’re part of the family!


What’s on the horizon for Craig and Aimee this year?


Travel plans are very much up in the air at the moment as you can imagine. So we’re taking this time to explore our back garden in our bus.

We want to travel through Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland this year, finding some little hidden gems off the beaten track that not many people know about. We also want to give back to our economy and will be sticking around to help out with that! #staycation.



Any suggestions on names for Kinging-Its RadMini 4 ebikes? Feel free to comment below!
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