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Restaurant owner, Michael Man, shares why Jasmine Palace has chosen the RadRunner as their preferred mode of transport when delivering food to customers in Utrecht.

The restaurant has evolved so much since it opened in 1981. Initially Michael’s father was one of the first to offer takeaway deliveries in the small town of De Meern, in Utrecht. Back then Jasmine Palace would use motorcycles to deliver door-to-door. A pioneering service offered 40 years ago, but now Michael and his staff have opted for ebikes.

With the bike infrastructure in the Netherlands, ebike deliveries are quick, easy, sustainable and, let’s not forget, fun! With the RadRunner, Michael’s staff can ride up to 72+ kilometers on a fully charged battery. 

It’s easy to see why the RadRunner is so popular. It’s utility means you can modify this bike to suit your specific needs. For Jasmine Palace, the integrated rear rack allows the staff to carry the delivery bag comfortably. 

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