Help Him Transform His RadRunner into a DadRunner

Help Him Transform His RadRunner into a DadRunner

Summer is the perfect time to rediscover hobbies — especially for the dads in our life who just can’t get enough outside time!

If you’re looking for a Rad gift this Father’s Day, you can’t go wrong with some accessories to help him enjoy the freedom of riding his ebike even more. The RadRunner outfitted with some awesome gear can make any of his hobbies a little easier and more enjoyable. 

See our must-have gift guide to help a dad in your life get summer started right by turning his RadRunner into a DadRunner!

Man with RadRunner Electric Utility bike next to chess board


The Hardware Hero

Got a dad that loves taking on big weekend projects around the house?

With an eye-popping 136- kilo carrying capacity, the RadRunner is a perfect bike for the DIY crowd.

Help him hammer out (see what we did there?!) his to-do list with a haul-it-all bike outfitted for the hardware store. Two Ballard Cargo Bags will help him stock up on smaller items and a Front Rack, Front-Mounted Basket or Large Platform  can keep his cargo where he can see it. Round it all out with a Cargo Net, and you’ve just nailed Father’s Day. (We can’t help ourselves.)

Must-Have Accessories:

Ballard Cargo Bag

Front Rack

Large Platform 

Cargo Net 

RadRhino 5 Electric Fat Bike next to picnic table

The Grilling Guru

There are a lot of reasons to get your dad to spend more time at the grill. One is that it’s always nice to encourage him to pursue something he loves. Another is that you’ll be on-hand to devour some of those tasty burgers.

If he’s a back patio pro and finds his happy place lighting up some charcoal, a Large Basket Bag that he can pop in his Large Basket is a great way to keep food fresh on the go.

And to keep the block party going, a Fremont Pannier Bag for a couple of bottles of his favorite steak sauce is an absolute must-have.

Must-Have Accessories:

Large Basket 

Basket Bag - Large

Fremont Pannier Bag

Men sitting on RadRunner Plus Electric Utility bikes 

The Road-Star

Has your dad ever bragged about making great time? Has he ever threatened to turn the car around if you and your sister don’t stop fighting? (Even though she totally started it ...)

If so, it sounds like you’ve got a Road-Star in the family!

If your dad enjoys the freedom of the open road in a car, just imagine how much fun he’ll have racking up the miles on an ebike!

Get him an extra Rad Battery to double his range, a Phone Mount so he can easily reach his final destination or a really cool spot on the way. And, a Ballard Cargo Bag is an easy way to carry back a few souvenirs.

Must-Have Accessories:

Rad Battery Pack

GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount

Ballard Cargo Bag

passenger seat of RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike

The Kid King

No matter what your dad does for fun, the best part about being a father is spending time with your kids.

The RadRunner has helped countless families enjoy quality time on two wheels. Add more of those moments with our lineup of family-friendly RadRunner accessories. Bring your little passenger along with our RadRunner Passenger Package, and add some Passenger Bars to give them a little peace of mind. Speaking of peace of mind, get him some reflective stickers so he can enjoy more confidence riding at night. 

Must-Have Accessories:

RadRunner Passenger Package 

RadRunner Passenger Bars 

Reflective Safety Sticker


Want more great gift ideas that didn’t make this list? Then check out our full range of RadRunner 2 and RadRunner Plus accessories here.

Is your dad not a Rad rider yet? The RadRunner is in stock and ready to ship. We've even made a fun Father's Day tie you can print-at-home to go with it!

Please check accessories for compatibility with the specific RadRunner model the rider owns.


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