Going on Holiday with Rad: Camping and RVing with an Ebike

Going on Holiday with Rad: Camping and RVing with an Ebike

Sometimes there’s nothing better than taking a weekend escape to the woods, a nearby lake or some scenic nature spot. Whether you’re camping or RVing on your getaway, ebikes can add to the fun – and ease – of your trip.



Why ebikes are great for camping and RVing

Quick and Easy Mobility

Whether you’re taking the RV or going car camping, ebikes make the perfect companion for your excursion. If space is an issue, the RadExpand electric folding bike is custom-built to store in tight places. If you’re toting full-size ebikes, all you need is the right rack. 

When buying a bike rack, it’s wise to examine the following:

  • tire width: Rad ebike tires are wider than the standard bicycle. You could potentially be fine with a mountain bike rack, but the best solution would be a rack with adapters so you can adjust accordingly.
  • bike weight: will the rack handle the load capacity? Will your tow bar support the weight of the rack plus bikes?
  • the number of bikes
  • length of the wheel base
  • fuel: drag can reduce your fuel economy
  • weather: if you are planning to drive in the rain it is wise to use a rain cover over your bikes. Highway rain can act like a high pressure jet. A rain cover can prevent pressurized water from entering/squeezing into small openings.

Pedal bikes and motorcycles have historically been the go-to for getting around the campground and venturing out. But a Rad Power Bike can give you even more capability to get out on trails and explore nature.

Find a Camping Site Without Reserving It Months in Advance

If you've tried to plan a camping trip lately, you know that a simple night in the woods is oftentimes anything but. The biggest headache? Trying to reserve a camping site.

Family vacations have evolved over the past few years with more families opting to get out in nature, and this means campground reservations get snatched up far in advance. An ebike can be a gamechanger though. 

A lot of parks have hiker-biker dedicated sites where you can just roll in on your bike and set up. An ebike makes it a breeze to get there, even though you’re carrying extra gear along with you. Cruising in on your ebike means you have energy left over to go fishing or hiking – or just stay up late around the campfire hanging out with friends and family.

Get As Much (or As Little) Exercise as You Want

Once you’re at the camping site and all set up, an ebike gives you the ability to explore as many trails as you want – and go farther than you would on a regular bike. If you want to burn some calories, just turn down the Pedal Assist System (PAS). Or, if you’re looking for a leisurely cruise soaking in those terpenes, crank up the PAS and hit the twist assist!

How to prepare for camping with your ebike

Charging up

With an RV, this might be as simple as plugging into one of your outlets. But if you want to conserve that power or if you’re tent camping, charging up your ebike can still be an easy task. When you arrive on site, find the Park Ranger or campground attendant and explain that you have an ebike you need to charge. They’re usually more than happy to let you charge up at their station or point you to a nearby spot with electricity. 


We’d all like to think that since we’re out in nature, our ebikes would be safe from thieves. But your ebike is a big investment, so you always want to make sure you keep it locked up when unattended. This can be as simple as keeping it locked and secured on your ebike rack. Or, if you want it nearby for a quick trail ride or errand to a nearby store, use a secure folding lock or heavy duty bike chain to attach it to a picnic table or tree.   

Plan ahead

An ebike gives you more freedom, fun, and range for exploring on your camping trip, so make sure to look up the best trails in the area ahead of time from paved bike trails to adrenaline-pumping singletrack. With your Rad Power Bike, you’ll have the fat tires and tread you need to tackle all types of terrain. 

On your next overnight adventure out into nature, make sure to take your Rad Power Bike to get the most out of your trip and squeeze in some extra fun for the whole family.


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