Go Green with Rad Power Bikes

Go Green with Rad Power Bikes

It’s EU Green Week from May 31 to June 5, and what better way to live green than to ditch the gas-guzzling car and snatch up your Rad Power Bike!

As a company (one of the world's most innovative transportation companies, no less!), it should come as no surprise that Rad Power Bikes is on a mission to help the planet. But did you know that our commitment to a greener future extends beyond offering affordable, accessible (not to mention zero-emission!) ebikes?

Here are five additional steps we’re taking as a business to protect the planet — and all the places we love.


Our Impact

1. We cut down our waste.

All of our showrooms and service centers are committed to cutting down on e-waste, so excess metal and plastics are replaced by paper where possible. Batteries (where possible) are recycled or refurbished through partnerships with organizations like One Green Planet, Call2Recycle, and NOWOS.

Instead of scrapping used demo bikes that have racked up the miles, we refurbish and sell them at our store at a much reduced rate to customers.

Mechanic working on Rad Power Bike


2. We help businesses go green.

You may equate jumping on an ebike with fun weekend adventures, but for businesses across the world, they mean something more: A revolutionary way to make deliveries.

Our ebikes are proving to be an integral part of last-mile delivery, which means the final steps a package (or your dinner) needs to travel before it arrives at your front door.

Making those trips with an ebike not only cuts down on emissions with each ride, but it also helps reduce congestion. That means fewer idling engines releasing pollution into the atmosphere and cleaner air in cities nationwide.

3. We love sustainable products.

Even the bike lubricant we use in our service department and sell in our retail showroom is eco-friendly. Our maintenance team handpicked products that would have a minimal environmental impact. All of our lubes are at least 95 percent biodegradable, and the degreasers consist of plant and vegetable-derived ingredients that can be broken down naturally within 27 days. They also just so happen to be the best on the market.


4. We think outside of the box.

As our business grows, we’re constantly exploring bold new ways to make a long term difference. Just like our bikes, we're always on the move, always striving to find unique ways to benefit the planet, even if it’s in ways that most riders will never notice.

For example, our latest models, the RadExpand and RadCity 5 Plus , come in our most environmentally-friendly packaging to date. To account for a 50 percent decrease in plastic, we replaced foam with corrugated cardboard, swapped in paperboard handles, and reduced the number of zip ties.

5. We help our employees live their Radical values.

We give every Rad Power Bikes employee an electric bike that they can use for whatever they like, be it commuting to the office, cruising around town, or venturing off into nature for the weekend.

It’s not just a fun perk, it’s an expression of our Radical values. We believe in responsibility to our community, our team, and, most importantly, the environment. With Rad employees across the globe, we’re demonstrating the power of ebikes in our own communities.


Your Impact

Now it’s time to look at your own impact. Every time you choose to tackle an errand with an ebike rather than a car, you’re making a choice that cuts down on your carbon footprint. And when you start to do that regularly, it adds up to a big win for the environment.

But what does that actually look like? To help give our riders a sense of the impact they’re making, we put together an emissions savings calculator. Just plug in how many kilometers you’re racking up each week to see how much CO2 you might be saving.

When going about your daily life, how many km each week do you ride your ebike instead of drive?
Commuting to work
Riding to/from the grocery store
Riding to/from restaurants
Taking/picking up the kids from school
Riding to visit friends
Other activities

You Save 0 grams of CO2 per week riding 0 kilometres.


It might be kind of hard to tell based on those numbers alone, so let's put them into context:

For starters, CO2 is a greenhouse gas that builds in the atmosphere and wreaks havoc on the climate. Every time you drive a traditional benzin-powered vehicle, you release about 130g of CO2 per kilometer. Throughout the course of a year, this adds up.

In comparison, let's look at electric bikes. They don't directly release emissions into the environment, but they do require energy to charge the battery. How that energy is generated depends on the power grid in your area, and how many miles each rider gets per full charge depends on the amount of pedal assist they use, the amount of cargo they're hauling, and how often they rely on the throttle.

So let's say you're really putting your motor to work and are getting about 60 kilometers for each charge. This would break down to about 9 grams of CO2 per km, which means you're saving a net total of 121 grams of CO2 for every car replacement kilometer!

What's even more exciting is that you're not doing this alone. With over 400,000 Rad riders joining you from across 30 countries, things start to get really exciting.

If every rider replaced just 8 kilometers each week, this would save over 387,200,000 grams of CO2, or 387 metric tons ... every week! That equals:

  • The annual CO2 output of 248 cars
  • 216.832 liters of petrol consumed
  • 1.382 tons of coal burned

… every week.

It’s no overstatement to say that committing to more time on an ebike is one of the most impactful things you can do as a Rad Power Bikes owner. As a company and as ebike riders ourselves, we’re in the fight to save our planet right alongside you.


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