Expanding the Rad Collection: Get to Know the RadExpand 5

Expanding the Rad Collection: Get to Know the RadExpand 5

Our Rad family just got bigger: Introducing the RadExpand 5, the fifth generation of our electric folding bike. This ebike is lighter, has bigger all-terrain tires, handles better, comes with a heavy-duty rear rack preinstalled, and is available in a black (and white) frame. There’s so much behind the innovation and development – we can’t wait to introduce it to you. Let’s get started.

Redesigning Our Bike

Why did we change our current folding ebike? It’s a fan-favorite that’s garnered rave reviews and awards for best folding ebike. Yet, we wanted more. We listened to feedback from many of the 400,000 plus riders in our Rad community, tasking ourselves with creating a folding design that met those needs and wants. 

Hundreds of Rad employees came together to set a higher standard for quality, comfort, utility, and of course, power. It’s only fitting to give a bike this innovative an all-new name: the Rad Expand. Expand your adventures, your ebike possibilities, and even your everyday transportation ability.

Man with foldable electric bike

Expand Your Adventures

The folding ebike is a natural go-getter: It can fold in and store in the trunk of a car, in small shed or the back of a camper or RV. It folds out to explore new cities, campgrounds, ports of call, and of course, your neighborhood. 

“It’s a lot of little things,” says Rad Power Bikes Chief Product Officer Redwood Stephens, “that add up to a big difference.” A main change launching this ebike off road and onward to adventure is the tire width – the RadExpand’s tires are now four inches wide, a true “fat tire” ebike for tackling all terrain. It offers improved ergonomics for a wider range of riders, courtesy of adjustable high-rise handlebars that can be moved in or back to fit you best. Those trips down the pier or off the beaten path are that much easier. And, should you want to load up with cargo – that’s simple to do, with the bike’s high quality and heavy duty included rear rack.

Man folding electric bike

Expand Your Possibilities

Can you fit the RadExpand? Chances are, yes. We designed the model with a step-through frame, allowing for riders who are 147cm - 178cm (4’10” - 5’10”). Step-through is an ideal frame should you have limited mobility. What’s more, because the design doesn’t require you to swing a leg over the frame,  balancing loads on the bike’s now-included rear rack is even easier.

Then there’s folding and carrying your ebike – we improved that as well, lightening the overall bike weight by nearly five pounds (2.3 kg); switching the motor cable to the opposite side for tighter routing (equaling easier maintenance!); and introducing an ergonomic saddle with built in handle for easier moving and comfier riding.

Electric folding bike close-up

Expand Your Everyday

It’s the journeys we embark on within our everyday travels that has us choosing our ebike model. The RadExpand “provides incredible value,” emphasizes Redwood. “The value for what you get is off the charts – you have a 250-watt powertrain coupled with a 672 watt-hour battery that takes you up to 70+ kilometers per charge, and Rad-engineered details you expect.”

The motor and battery not only help you charge up hills, zip across intersections, and confidently plan a day of errands, but they are unique features for a folding ebike that’s priced for all (psst - remember, we offer Splitit Payments, too).

Those Rad-engineered details are found in waterproof connectors; a headlight and taillight that powers on with the bike; puncture-resistant tires; seven speeds; and a 6061-alloy frame engineered in-house, ensuring you get the most from your ebike mile after mile.

Man riding electric folding bike

Shop the RadExpand

Ready to expand your ebiking pursuits? Shop our new folding ebike, now available in black (and white) low step-through versions, and in-stock with fast dispatch. Want to see it in person? Test ride it for free at our Rad Retail showrooms.

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