Get ready for your first ride

Get ready for your first ride

We know there are a few soon-to-be Rad riders waiting patiently for their brand-new electric bike to finally arrive.

When that day comes, we want to make sure you’re ready to jump on and roll out.

That’s why we put together this handy list of tips to guarantee that nothing stands between you and your first Radventure:


1. Stock up on the essentials

Stock up on the essentials

We provide everything you’ll need to help you get your bike assembled, but you should also pick out a basic bike tool kit for any maintenance needs that may arise down the road.

This is also a great time to check out our store for any accessories you may need to get the most out of your riding experience, like a large basket or pannier bag for grocery shopping, or a rear rack that’ll help you load up for big weekend projects.


2. Make sure your battery is fully charged.

Make Sure Your Battery is Fully Charged

Of course, you can ride an ebike as a normal bike by simply not switching it on and pedaling ahead. But, since we’ve equipped our bikes with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, and 250W motor, let’s put them to good use.

Your new battery should arrive with between 50% - 70% charge, so you can hop on your bike and take it for a spin right away.

After your first ride: Charge your battery for as close to 12 hours as possible. Charge the battery even if you only used a small amount of battery power while riding. The charger indicator lights may change to green and red to show that the battery is full, but keep the battery plugged in and charging for as close to 12 hours as possible.

Battery balancing is an important process to help keep your battery in great shape for years to come. This process will help ensure the cells in the battery are balanced and operating as efficiently as possible. The process will involve riding your bike, then charging the battery after each of your first three rides.


3. Check the tire pressure

Check your tire pressure

Bike tires should be checked before every ride and maintained as needed to keep your bike safe and fun to ride.

Before each ride, you should inspect your tires and inner tubes to see that the wheels spin straight and that there are no signs of punctures, cuts, or damage.

Check the tire pressure with an air pressure gauge. Make sure your tires are properly inflated to


4. Get used to your new ebike

Get used to your new ebike

Before you head off on your Radventure, find a quiet road where you can test your bike after assembling it.

  • Fix the seat to suit you
  • Adjust the power assist settings from low to high
  • Test how the bike responds when you stop and start
  • Play with the gears

You'll usually ride at a higher speed on an ebike compared to a regular bike. Take it easy. Scan well ahead, signal your movements and keep an eye out for cars, pedestrians, and other people on bikes. 


5. Get ready to #RideRad

Get Ready to Ride Rad

We're really looking forward to having you in the Rad family, and we're doing everything we can to speed up shipping times to ensure you have the best customer experience possible. We promise that once you get on your bike, it'll all be worth the wait!


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